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15 November, 2021 5681 Views

Blue 02 Limited trading as Blue O Two (ATOL 6589) ceased trading on 15 November 2021

If you have booked a holiday with Blue 02 Limited we regret that certain bookings that have not departed may be cancelled. The majority of holidaymakers’ travel arrangements will be covered through one of a number of different types of financial protection.

If you are currently on a Blue 02 Limited holiday, you should be able to continue with your trip and return as planned.

Whilst this news may be upsetting for you, please be assured if your holiday was booked with Blue 02 Limited, we are here to help you.

Specific advice for customers is set out below, which will vary depending on the type of booking that you have made. It is important that you follow this advice closely.

Non licensable bookings

For all enquiries relating to non-air travel (non-ATOL) bookings such as accommodation only, your trip will continue as normal via Scuba Tours Worldwide Limited, subject to the exception below.  You should receive an email reconfirmation of your booking.  Scuba Tours Worldwide Limited will trade as Blue O Two and will continue to operate the website.

If you have a query, customers and agents may call Scuba Tour Worldwide Limited’s Helpline on 01752 480808 (Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:30) or email quoting your booking reference.

Exception: Accommodation only bookings made between 8 December 2019 and 7 December 2020, issued with a Financial Failure Insurance policy

These bookings cover accommodation only bookings for residents of the UK and EU made in the above time period.

Your booking is insured against the failure of the travel provider and you will have been issued a certificate at the time of booking.

A claim should also be made to the insurer if a credit voucher was issued in respect of a relevant booking that was subsequently cancelled.

Insurers have been advised and are making an initial assessment, following which guidance will be issued to those affected by the insolvency.

Customers who may be eligible for recovery under their insurance will be contacted directly by Cega. A list of relevant booking references can be found at the following link: Booking References

Travel agent or other travel company bookings

If you made your booking through a travel agent or other travel company – not directly with Blue 02 Limited – then you will need to contact that company for advice and guidance.

Package holidays including a flight

If your future holiday includes a flight, you will need to contact the Civil Aviation Authority (“CAA”) to make a claim for your holiday booking through the ATOL claim scheme, via the below link:

As long as your holiday is ATOL protected, the CAA will seek to refund you for the unused ATOL protected parts of your trip.

If you paid for your package holiday by credit card, you should contact your credit card issuer to obtain a refund rather than claim via the ATOL scheme.

Refund Credit Notes

If you are in possession of a Refund Credit Note in relation to a prior ATOL booking, please refer to the instructions on the CAA’s website:

Customers who are currently on holiday

If you are currently on a Blue 02 holiday which is a non-licensable booking (eg accommodation only) you should be able to continue with your trip as planned, but you can contact Scuba Tours Worldwide Limited on the contact details above if you encounter any difficulties with arrangements.

If you are on an ATOL protected package (flight-based packages) you should be able to continue with your trip as planned but if you encounter any difficulties you should contact the CAA.

If you are experiencing difficulties in resort and require assistance, please contact Scuba Tours Worldwide Limited on the contact details above.

Creditors of Blue 02 Limited

If you are owed money by Blue 02 Limited that cannot be recovered by any of the means set out above (eg credit card refund, ATOL, Financial Failure Insurance) you will need to submit a proof of debt form in the administration.  Please request a proof of debt from if you have not yet already done so.

If you have received a refund already you will no longer have a claim in the administration and it will not be necessary for you to submit a proof of debt form.

Administrators’ contact details

Andrew Sheridan and Simon Stibbons – Joint Administrators of Blue 02 Limited
FRP Advisory Trading Limited, Kings Orchard, 1 Queen Street, Bristol BS2 0HQ
Telephone: 0117 203 3700 (Option 1)

The affairs, business and property of Blue 02 Limited are being managed by Andrew Martin Sheridan and Simon Stibbons who were appointed Joint Administrators on 15 November 2021.  The Joint Administrators act as agents of the Company and without personal liability.