21 Itineraries for 2021

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21 Itineraries for 2021

11 December, 2020 7341 Views

21 Itineraries for 2021

Join us in celebrating the final edition of the 21 itineraries for 2021. Every itinerary has been carefully selected by our staff, just for you. We think you will agree there are some truly breath-taking itineraries waiting to be experienced.

This month not only do we have three special contributions from Blue O Two’s owners, but we also have a fantastic giveaway competition for you to enter.

You too could be looking forward to a scuba diving trip of a lifetime to Egypt in 2022.

All you have to do is answer the question and send us your details here. Don’t forget to find out why Nathan, Jason, and Mark have chosen their itineraries below. You might find yourself a new destination to add to your bucket list.

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Central Atolls, Maldives

Nathan Tyler
Owner, Blue O Two

Unforgettable memory of a lifetime.

Simply the Best Egypt Jason Strickland

Simply the Best, Egypt, 

Jason Strickland
Owner, Blue O Two

“World-class and the food excellent.”


Komodo, Indonesia

Mark Shandur
Owner, Blue O Two

“Most diverse itineraries.”

Red Egypt Deep South

Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad and St Johns, Egypt

Lisa Taylor
Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two

“Like a picture from a Disney movie.

Socorro Mexico

Socorro, Mexico

Cherie Kilvington
Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two

To see giant mantas would be the best.”

Wrecks, Blue Hole and Sharks, Bahamas

Wrecks, Blue Hole and Sharks, Bahamas

Sue Biddle
Finance Administrator, Blue O Two

Tiger beach sounds awesome.

Red Egypt Deep South

Northern Wrecks and Reefs, Egypt

Amy Mathis
Admin Assistant, Blue O Two

“Interesting and exciting.

Manta Trust Expedition

Manta Trust Expedition, Maldives

Claire Moorcraft
Digital Marketing Executive, Blue O Two

The picture-perfect paradise.”

Guadalupe Mexico

Guadalupe, Mexico

Nick Jones
Head of Design, Blue O Two

I’ve always loved getting the adrenalin pumping.

Red Egypt Deep South

Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Otmar Schmitz
European Dive Travel Consultant

“Excellent ship and perfect service.

Central Atolls Maldives

7 Nights, Truk Lagoon

Tabby Figgins
Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two

“Right in the middle of a coral reef.”

Master the Galapagos Itinerary

Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns

Sara Salomonsson
Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two

I love diving with sharks and have done it a lot.”

Red Egypt Deep South

Spawning Special New Moon, Palau

Kerry Allen
Reservations Manager

“Jellyfish is a phenomenon.”

Central Atolls Maldives

Malapascua and Visayas, Philippines

Alex Whitley-Wilson
Sales Manager, WWDAS

“An incredible variety of diving.”

Master the Galapagos Itinerary

Best of the Wrecks, Egypt

Iain Bouskill
Egypt Destination Manager

“SS Thistlegorm is a treasure trove of wartime relics.”

Red Egypt Deep South

Deep South, Egypt

Elizabeth Hall
Business Manager

“The marine life is wonderful!”

Central Atolls Maldives

Central Atolls, Maldives

Brady Johnson
Website Manager

“Fantastic guides and great food!”

Master the Galapagos Itinerary

Hammerhead and Experience, The Bahamas

Natalie Newton
Marketing Consultant, Master Liveaboards

“Get up close and personal to a variety of species.”

Far South Maldives

Far South, Maldives

James Fletcher

“Best bang for your buck.”

Master the Galapagos Itinerary

Master the Galapagos

Alyson Tyler
Managing Director Blue O Two

“Such a magical place.”

Red Egypt Simply the Best

Simply the Best, Egypt

James Evans

“Best diving trip ever!”

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Scuba diving itineraries for 2021

At Blue O Two we specialise in providing liveaboard itineraries, which can make any SCUBA diver happy. We cater for all divers, from beginner to advanced technical diver. With a variety of experiences, ranging from big underwater creatures, colourful coral reefs or world-famous wrecks. 

The world is full of incredible dive sites. Have you ever stopped and wondered what the best itinerary would be for you?  

We asked our staff what their favourite itinerary is. And we would love to share their thoughts with you over the next few months. Unscripted, you’ll get our staff recommendations, in their own words. Whether it’s with Sharks in the Maldives, or observing pre-historic Marine Iguanas in the Galapagos, our team have got it covered. You never know, you might just decide to add some to your bucket list too?!

So get comfortable whilst we take you around the world, over the next few months – 21 itineraries for 2021.

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