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4 April, 2019 1687 Views

Re-opened Brothers Islands in Egypt and new shark diving practices


The northernmost part of Egypt’s offshore marine park is made up of two islands 60 km away from the coast and 140 km south from Hurghada. Big Brother is the larger of the two islands (complete with a lighthouse from 1883). Measuring 400 metres in length, Big Brother features a spectacular plateau on the south east corner that is dotted with coral mountains while being famous for thresher and grey reef shark sightings. Moreover, the western side of the island has two impressive wrecks, which both lie almost vertical on the side of the reef. The most spectacular wreck is the Numidia, a large cargo steamer which sank in 1901 and now rests on the tip of the island between 10 and 80 metres covered in soft corals and frequented by large pelagic predators. The smaller wreck of the Aida was a lighthouse authority supply vessel which sank in bad weather in 1957. She sank to 30-65 metres depth and is a great wreck to explore.


Small Brother Island is only a little over 200 m long, but hosts an incredible concentration and variety of marine life. There is a pristine fan coral forest, a massive collection of hard and soft corals and compelling overhangs to explore. Main attraction is the abundant pelagic life; with regular seasonal sightings of hammerhead, thresher, grey reef and oceanic whitetip sharks.


Following the recent shark events at Brothers Islands, the Egyptian government has asked our resident shark specialist Dr. Elke Bojanowski to give shark awareness briefings to all dive guides on liveaboards in the Red Sea. Attending Elke’s shark lecture has become a new requirement before a dive guide’s permit is renewed. Her briefing focuses on special awareness concerning diving with oceanic white-tips and safe diving practices & guidelines. Elke has been doing 2 sessions per day for 30-35 guides per time in recent weeks. We are duly proud that Elke, who is a true shark expert and hosts all Project Shark itineraries across our fleets, is held in such high regard by the Egyptian governing bodies.

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To find out more about diving at Brothers Islands or Project Shark, please contact our travel team on 01752 480808, via email, or via LiveChat when available on our website.