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6 September, 2019 832 Views

We love our planet. We work hard to ensure that the wellbeing of the environment is at the forefront of everything we do. When it comes to safeguarding and protecting the oceans and their inhabitants, we truly mean business. This has resulted in Blue O Two and partner WWDAS signing the Mission 2020 pledge in 2017, which states the merged alliance strives to be single-use plastic free.

Since then, numerous measures have been implemented across the fleet to reach this goal. Read more about our combined journey towards a plastic free environment here. Recently, we have started using 100% biodegradable cleaning and shower products on board S/Y Indo Siren.

We are actively working with local communities and initiatives to build long-term solutions. This includes partnering with local businesses, looking into ways to effectively recycle within remote locations and discussing how we can promote the responsible tourism message further.


Meanwhile, in the Maldives M/V Blue Voyager, as well as her dhoni Blue Shadow, have been fitted with water membranes and mineralisers to make the water potable. There are no more plastic water bottles on board. Guests are encouraged to bring their own refillable water containers.

Many small steps eventually merge into a giant leap to sustainability and achieving the plastic free aim. If you’re keen to step in and do your bit, here are some simple but effective tips to reduce your single use plastic whilst diving with Blue O Two.

Bring reef-friendly personal care products. You can now even buy locally produced reef-friendly sun cream on board some of our boats.

When you use batteries during your trip, we encourage you to invest in rechargeable ones. As many of our destinations do not have recycling facilities, we recommend you bringing your used batteries ones back home with you so these can be properly recycled.

Take as little plastic as possible on your holiday. Take new products out of their plastic container before you leave for your trip so it doesn’t accidentally end up in the ocean. Fortunately, more and more countries start to take measures to address this issue and reduce plastic waste, such as Egypt and the Maldives.

Participate in a clean-up dive; take a net bag and dive actively into collecting plastic from the ocean.

Any implementation of these tips or any other sustainable change into your daily routine, no matter how small, will have a positive impact on the environment. Join us in our mission.

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Main image: © David Jones

Blue Voyager: © Simon Lorenz