Bahamas Wrecks, Blue Hole and Sharks (10 nights)

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18 May, 2021 3990 Views

Name: Sue Biddle
Job title: Finance Administrator, Blue O Two
Itinerary: Wrecks, Blue Hole & Sharks (10 nights)
Destination: Bahamas

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The Wrecks, Blue Hole, and Sharks itinerary combines three features.  Diving on Tiger Beach, the spectacular Blue Hole off the East Coast and finally incorporating Berry Island. Offering a variety of dives, it is definitely one of our most popular, and no wonder Sue has chosen it as her favourite too. 

First, the finest shark diving on Tiger Beach which is near Grand Bahama Island. Then there is fantastic wreck diving off the South-West coast of New Providence.  Also, a spectacular Blue Hole off the East coast of Andros Island. Amongst all of this, expect to see sharks, sharks, sharks. 

Also incorporating the Berry Islands, this itinerary offers a wide variety of dives and possible encounters. Sharks include the oceanic whitetip, hammerheads, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, and even the occasional bull shark. 

This 10-night liveaboard adventure allows up to four dives per day including sunset or night dives (depending on conditions and weather). In some areas, such as Tiger Beach the diving is comparatively shallow. ‘Open platform’ diving may be offered after the scheduled shark dives to allow guests to dive at their leisure up until sunset.

Hear what Sue has to say…

“Having worked for Blue O Two for many years in the accounts department I have always longed to visit the Bahamas to dive with the sharks.  

With up to 34 dives, you’d get a chance to experience so much. Ive heard so much about Tiger Beach Id love to visit this dive site. I was a bit concerned at first when I saw picture of the close encounters.  But the dives seem so well organised and controlled for guests and marine lifeIt’s just how I would want to experience swimming with sharks. It looks so natural, and I imagine would be such a thrill. 

This is definitely on my bucket-list as soon as I can convince my husband to join me! 

Sue Biddle, Finance Administrator, Blue O Two

“I had a very special 14-day boat trip and expected to see sharks, but not only had the experience to meet them, but we also had interactions with these creatures too. The trip is unforgettable!”

Wilfred E

October 2020

See what others have said…

With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love the Bahamas.

“Tropical beaches, warm water, wrecks, and sharks. What more could you want.” Wrecks, Blue Hole & Sharks

Nick Jones
Head of Design
Blue O Two

“I would love to dive Tiger Beach.” Wrecks, Blue Hole & Sharks

Brady Johnson
Website Manager
Blue O Two

Diving the Blue Hole is the ultimate cave dive.” Wrecks, Blue Hole & Sharks 

Nick Jones
Blue O Two

“TIt’s not just the diving but the culture too”. Wrecks, Blue Hole & Sharks 

Amy Mathis
Admin Assistant
Blue O Two

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Photo credits: Alex Dawson and Simon Lorenz