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11 February, 2021 3063 Views
Ian Bouskill Destinations Manager

Name: Iain Bouskill
Job title: Egypt Destinations Manager
Itinerary: Best of the Wrecks
Destination: Egypt

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A favourite of Scuba divers for many years – the Red Sea has clear blue water, sandy beaches, a variety of fish species, coral reefs and let’s not forget wreck diving.  Best of the Wrecks has been put forward by Iain as his favourite, and as our experienced Egypt Destination Manager.  Iain has many years Scuba diving under his belt.  If anyone knows where to dive, it is Iain 


This itinerary will be sure to satisfy your wreck diving urge for some time to come.  There is so much on offer to see from the Northern Red Sea to the Brothers, including Abu NuihasThistlegorm, Rosalie Moller, Salem Express, Numidia and Aida.  And what better way to finish the day than onboard a beautiful liveaboard boat, sharing your adventure stories with likeminded people? We think Iain has the right idea when it comes to choosing which itinerary to experience. 

As an avid wreck diver my favourite itinerary is of course Best of Wrecks. On this itinerary you can explore the sunken wrecks of Abu Nuhas including the stunning remains of the steamer ‘Carnatic’ that hit the reef and sank in 1869 a favourite site for underwater photographers. A short hop over to Sinai and we dive probably the most famous diveable wreck in the world, SS Thistlegorm. Sunk in WW2 this ship is a treasure trove of wartime relics and even after many years of diving this site she never ceases to fascinate me. 

Iain Bouskill, Egypt Destinations Manager

Wreck Diving

Excellent, comfortable, well equipped boat, where nothing is too much trouble for the crew. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this outfit to any divers. No-one does liveaboards better!

The Mighty Biggus

Trip Advisor

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Egypt

“This is the trip for wreck diving fans.” Best of the Wrecks, Egypt

Alyson Tyler
Managing Director
Blue O Two

“The crew are amazing and make you feel like one of the team.” Best of the Wrecks, Egypt

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“Best trip ever!” Best of the Wrecks, Egypt

Amy Mathis
Admin Assistant
Blue O Two

“To actually explore a wreck would be mind blowing.” Best of the Wrecks, Egypt

Brady Johnson
Website Manager
Blue O Two

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