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29 July, 2022 1240 Views

You can’t spend all your free time underwater. When it’s time for a surface interval, why not sit back, grab some popcorn and watch one of our recommendations below.

We asked our staff to recommend their favourite water-based films and documentaries for you. Below is a curated list for you. See if you agree with us…

1. The Big Blue (1988)

Beautiful Greek islands, brilliant soundtrack, Jean Marc-Barr, “Enzo”, free-diving, dolphins, romance and a bromance. What’s not to love?

Available to watch on Google Play, Amazon or iTunes.

2. Chasing Niagara (2016)

Extreme white-water kayaking, beautiful Mexican rain-forests. One man’s quest for world-record waterfall adventures. Red Bull budget. A heart-stopping, yet heart-felt piece of history.

Watch here

3. Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou (2004)

An eccentric oceanographer with 1960s-fuelled eccentricities. A charming, humorous story of loss, reunion and family. Cult film, paying homage to Jacques Cousteau.

Available to watch on Disney+, iTunes or Amazon

4. Into the Blue (2005)

Fast-paced action film with goodies, baddies and treasure. Although the shark scenes are far-fetched, the underwater scenes showcase the Bahamas beautifully.

Available to watch on iTunes or Amazon

5. Fool’s Gold (2008)

Comedy and rekindled romance can only be a rom-com. Fast-paced story around underwater treasure hunting. One for those of you who like rom-coms and love diving.

Available to watch on iTunes or Amazon

6. Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth (2022)

Part of the SharkFest series from National Geographic. Watch this if you love sharks, surfing or Chris Hemsworth. A flirtatious cameo from the iconic Valerie Taylor, one of the world’s most qualified shark experts, makes this one special.

Available to watch on Disney+

7. Last Breath (2019)

With access to astonishing underwater archive, this is the true story of one man’s impossible fight for survival. GRAVITY meets TOUCHING THE VOID – 100 metres underwater.

Available to watch on iTunes or Amazon

8. Big Wednesday (1978)

An iconic coming of age surf-based film. Covers the lives of three friends in the 1960s as they pass through different stages of life. Well worth a watch, especially if you like Point Break – this one got there 13 years earlier.

Available to watch on Amazon

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