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21 Itineraries for 2021

17 June, 2021 5011 Views
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Nathan Tyler Owner Blue O Two

Name: Nathan Tyler
Job title: Owner, Blue O Two
Itinerary: Central Atolls
Destination: Maldives

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Coming from a scuba diving family, some would say the ocean runs through Nathan’s blood. He has visited every destination Blue O Two has to offer. So, choosing this itinerary as his favourite is significant.  

As you will see it is often the memories made with family and friends which can help make a holiday the best one yet. Here is why Nathan would highly recommend this itinerary.   

Hear why Nathan has fond memories of this itinerary…

“In the summer of 2018, I wanted my friends and family to experience the beauty on offer in the Maldives and central atolls.  

It was a special trip, so we chartered Blue Voyager exclusively for us all. In the group, we had divers and non-divers, adults, and children and the boat all to ourselves! The Maldives has some spectacular diving in crystal clear waters and the opportunity to see a variety of sharks, manta rays, and whale sharks. While us divers enjoyed the drop-offs, stunning coral reefs, and an array of underwater marine life.  The non-divers could snorkel and still see an abundance of marine life under the watchful eyes of the crew.  

One evening we were relaxing after a beach BBQ enjoying a drink on the deck. When we looked into the water, we saw mantas surrounding the boat. The kids were totally blown away by these majestic creatures and promptly jumped in for some night snorkeling with them. The next day all the kids are doing try-dives off a truly spectacular sandbank under the careful eye of the crew and guides begging for us to go and find the whale sharks. What an amazing experience it was for all, but especially our children to get this first-hand and unforgettable memory of a lifetime. They absolutely loved the Maldives and still talk about it to this day.  

The crew and boat were superb, catering to all our needs. The dive Dhoni is massive and one of the best in the Maldives. The captain with his team did a fantastic job and the chef created some truly awesome meals. 

Maldives has so much to offer every type of diver and non-diver and we will be back for more adventures!” 

Nathan Tyler, Owner, Blue O Two 

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See what others have said…

With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love the Maldives.

This would be a dream destination for me”. Central Atolls Maldives

Michelle Allen
Product Development
Blue O Two

“Such variation of dives, white sand, and warm waters.” Central Atolls Maldives

Natalie Newton
Marketing Consultant
Blue O Two

“Such an idyllic destination.” Central Atolls Maldives

Claire Moorcraft
Digital Marketing Executive
Blue O Two

The Maldives makes me think of Mantas”.  Central Atolls Maldives

Amy Mathis
Admin Assistant
Blue O Two


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21 itineraries for 2021
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