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12 January, 2021 3712 Views
Liz Hall Central Atolls Maldives

Name: Elizabeth Hall
Job title: Business Manager
Itinerary: Deep South
Destination: Egypt

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With the Egyptian Red Sea being one of the Seven Wonders of the Underwater World, it is no wonder that the Deep South itinerary has been selected as one of Liz’s favourites.  Not only does it explore a variety of truly unique dive sites but it is also home to some very interesting and unusual reef formations.  It also appeals to those shopaholics, with a visit to the harbour in Port Ghalib to purchase souvenirs and enjoy Egyptian hospitality.  It includes 6 days of diving with up to 4 dives per day.   

“This is my favourite. I have done this itinerary twice. I found this itinerary a very beautiful itinerary, with a variety of dive sites. The marine life was wonderful. At the right time of the year you’re able to see bigger marine life and I had a very close encounter with an Oceanic whitetip shark, swam with a pod of dolphins and saw a Sea Turtle up close. There were other, smaller, marine life such as Spanish Dancers, many many specifies of fish and numerous Nudibranchs.

On top of the marine life, I was lucky enough to see some amazing coral formations, especially at St Johns, with the most beautiful pinnacles and swim throughs and table corals. Once you understand how long it takes for some corals to grow and the marine life they support, it reinforces how lucky we are to be only five hours away from the Red Sea and to dive in such a great colourful environment. The Red Sea is a real diver’s place.”

Elizabeth Hall, Business Manager

Red Sea Simply the best
Egypt Oceanic Whitetip Shark Simon Lorenz

“The best in Hurghada. An excellent trip. Great crew and service. Couldn’t fault the accommodation and food was 5*. I would highly recommend a trip with these guys when everything’s back to normal.” 

Lucy Trip Advisor

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Deep South.

“This itinerary displays the best the Red Sea has to offer.” Deep South, Egypt

Alyson Tyler
Managing Director
Blue O Two

“Strong currents, sharks and the deep blue water when looking out into the deep.” Deep South, Egypt

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“There is some really stunning reefs, which made for a very exciting trip.” Deep South, Egypt

Mik Jennings
Commercial Manager

“The best the Red Sea has to offer.” Deep South, Egypt

Frederique Morisod
Destination Management Coordinator

Egypt dolphins

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Deep South itinerary

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Photo credits: Simon Lorenz