Did you know – The Bahamas edition

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5 October, 2019 440 Views

Did you know – The Bahamas edition


As October comes rolling in, so does our new destination of the month. This month, it is the incredible island nation of The Bahamas.

 Our aim is to continue supporting this destination after the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian made landfall here last month and caused devastation to the North-West of the country. The best way to help The Bahamas move on from this disaster is to encourage tourists to keep on visiting.

We are pledging $15,000 towards The Bahamas relief efforts, which will go towards purchasing a Watermaker, with all remaining monies donated to Bahamian charitable organisations and local businesses. We are matching all donations, up to $200 per transaction.



To kick start this, we want to fill you in on some fascinating and lesser known facts about The Bahamas:

1. The Bahamas is made up of over 700 remote tropical islands, of which only 30 are inhabited.

2. The entire country is stretched out across 8,624 square miles, a whopping 18 times smaller than the UK!

3. It boasts a magnificent underwater cave system, all thanks to when the sea was 250 feet lower during the glacial period. This led to acid rain eroding the limestone into many different vertical and horizontal caves.

4. There are more than 40 diveable wrecks throughout the Bahamas.


5. In the 1600s the tiny island nation was visited by real life pirates, such as the infamous Blackbeard and Calico Jack, who came to loot cargo ships surrounding the area.

6. The Indigenous Bahamian people were the first to inhabit these islands as long ago as the fourth century.

7. It is home to the deepest blue hole in the world, which plunges more than 200 metres into the sea.


8. In 2011, commercial shark fishing across all 243,244 square miles of the nation’s waters was banned. This has made The Bahamas one of the top shark diving destinations in the world, with over 40 shark species roaming its waters.

9. Hollywood filmmakers intentionally sunk various modes of transport off the shores of New Providence for the James Bond movies, which have now become some of the best wreck diving sites of The Bahamas.

10. It is home to the third largest barrier reef area in the world.


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