Did you know… The Maldives Edition

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24 May, 2019 916 Views

Did you know… The Maldives Edition


Do you fancy a dive holiday to the tropical paradise called the Maldives? Then by all means read on, you may find that some of the below facts come in handy for you.

– The Maldives are famed not only for offering beautiful coral reef diving, but also for exhilarating channel dives. The channel dives may surprise you with encounters with eagle rays, all kinds of sharks (such as nurse, grey, blacktip and whitetip), Napoleon wrasses, as well as huge schools of fish. Hook in, see what flies by and enjoy the spectacle in the channel!


– There are two kinds of mantas in the Maldives: reef and oceanic mantas. The Maldives host the largest number of reef mantas in the world and a good amount of oceanic mantas too. Oceanic mantas are the larger of the two species, with a wingspan up to 7 metres!

– The turquoise lagoons hold stunning coral reefs with an incredible array of colourful fish, where the visibility is generally a good 20-40 metres.

– Our two boats in the Maldives offer the perfect diving holiday for all our guests. Blue Spirit takes a maximum of 12 guests, thus ensuring a cosy and personable experience; while Blue Voyager boasts a jacuzzi on the sundeck from where you can enjoy Maldivian sunsets.

– One of the exciting activities we try to organise during your liveaboard is an evening snorkel with a manta or whale shark off the back of the boat. We turn on the lights on the boat to attract plankton and wait for them to make an appearance. It’s a unique experience; an adventure not to be missed!


– Rent a GoPro camera on board our vessels and don’t miss capturing a precious moment with a big pelagic. If you are lucky enough to dive or snorkel with a whale shark, please be advised you will not be allowed to use flash light or strobes when making photos or videos. Read all relevant information for photographers here.

– Our Blue Voyager and Blue Spirit liveaboards are both rebreather friendly. At the same time, it is important that you book your supplies with us in advance. Technical diving is not allowed in the Maldives; the maximum depth for all divers is 30 metres.  Extended bottom times will be offered where possible.

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