Diving Life Photography Competition Winners

24 October, 2020 4273 Views

The Diving Life Photography Competition showcases the best amateur SCUBA diving photography from around the world.

The overall winner receives a Liveaboard trip to Egypt, the title of ‘Diving Life Photographer of the Year 2020’ along with an assortment of Blue O Two goodies. All category winners will receive a copy of their photograph printed on canvas, a copy of the calendar and a selection of branded goodies. And finally the runners up will not only have their image printed in our calendar but they will also receive a copy to keep for themselves.

Best Underwater Photograph


Hammer River
Masayuki Agawa (USA)

Masayuki Agawa Hammer River


Cave Dive
Victor de Valles Ibañez (Spain)

Victor de Valles Ibañez


Flying Shrimp
Michael Fineberg (Australia)

Michael Fineberg Flying Shrimp


Dolphin House
David Baker (UK)

Dolphins Maldives

Best Divers Lifestyle Photograph


There’s Always One!
Ivan Donoghue (Ireland)

Ivan Donoghue There's Always One!


Night Dive
Tana Fye Henry (USA)

Tana Fye Henry Night Dive


Dive Boat
Leendert Smit (Netherlands)

Leendert Smit Dive Boat


Alex Covelli (Canada)

Bahamas Alex Covelli

Jenny Stock (Australia)

Daniel Lamborn (Sweden)

Christian Horras (Germany)

Dave Baker (UK)

Alex Lichtblau (USA)

2021 Calendar

These winning images will be used in our first ever calendar – coming soon!

Our Wonderful Judge

We have been very pleased to have Dr. Alex Mustard MBE (founder of the Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition), judging the entries for us.

Here are a few words from Alex on the winning photographs.

This collection of fabulous winning images reminds me why I love being underwater and going on diving adventures. It was a tough contest to judge because it was more than just an underwater picture competition, Diving Life was created for amateur photographers to share their love of diving, with pictures taken both above and below the surface. When judging I gave equal weighting to the feeling captured in the images and their photographic technique and quality.

For me, all the winners capture the highs of dive trips: encounters with incredible creatures both big and small, amazing moments underwater, spending time with friends, visiting incredible places and having fun.

Special congratulations to the overall winner Masayuki Agawa from the USA, whose white knuckle image Hammer River will immediately transport anyone who has dived with hammerheads in the East Pacific back on those dives. The hammerhead schools are regularly most spectacular when the currents are fierce and the advice from the National Park guides is to stay low and hold onto the rocks, as anyone floating up in the water will spook the sharks. The picture places me right in the moment of this unforgettable experience as the hammerhead school magically materialises from the blue.

Dr. Alex Mustard, MBE

Alex Mustard

A Big Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who entered. Especially during these strange times, it has really given us a boost and reminded us just how beautiful the world is that we live in.