Egypt Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns

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22 March, 2021 3989 Views
Sara Salomonsson, Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two

Name: Sara Salomonsson,
Job title: Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two
Itinerary: Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns
Destination: Egypt

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Blue O Two’s Project Shark itinerary has been designed with one thing in mind – big pelagic.  Expect to see oceanic whitetip sharks, threshers sharks, the occasional large schools of hammerhead sharks, and manta rays. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, you will also enjoy some of the most spectacular reefs the Red Sea has to offer. And the topography is defined by jaw-dropping drop-offs.  

You will also visit Daedalus, a remote outpost of a reef. It can only be visited by liveaboards. As it’s protected with marine status, its reefs are pristine. St Johns reef sits in Foul Bay and is one of the most beautiful areas of Egypt. Covering an area of 290 km2there is a great deal of diversity in the dives. Experience stunning caverns and high open reefs with manta rays. Even the most experienced divers will be lost for words. For the less experienced diver, nearer to the shore, you will find more laid-back dive sites with flat bottoms and lighter currents. 

At the heart of this trip, you will learn about the and behavior of sharks. You can attend optional evening lectures from our very own Marine Biologist, Paul Vinten. Why don’t you sit back, enjoy a tipple of your choice and enjoy some amazing facts and insights about sharks and their behaviour? The aim of Project Shark is to highlight the global issues facing sharks whilst sharing the pure thrill and amazement of the level of diving in Egypt.  

Sara is a fount of all knowledge when it comes to picking the best dives and she tells you why Blue O Two’s Project in Egypt is at the top of her list. 

I’ve been diving for over 17 years and I must say that the Red Sea is one of my favourite places. With all the variations among the marine life, from sharks to nudibranchs and a lot of beautiful corals. The different type of dive sites is also delight when diving, everything from sandy bottoms, reefs, drop-off walls and wrecks. The wrecks in the Northern part of the Red Sea are amazing.  

For my next dive trip, would choose to do the Project Shark – Daedalus & St Johns itinerary in southern Egypt. I love diving with sharks and have done it a lot, mostly on Elphinstone in Egypt. Sharks are fascinating marine life. I have a huge marine interest and I would like to learn more about their behaviour and the different type of sharks in the Red Sea, therefore I believe this would be an amazing trip. 

It has always been a dream for me to visit the famous Daedalus Reef where hammerheads are common to see. What attracts me with this trip is that the focus is on the sharks but I would also get the opportunity to discover the reefs around St Johns and the St Johns caves. For me this is a perfect trip that combines deep and shallow dives. As we all know, the marine life is wild. So if there would not be any sharks for some dives it would still be possible to enjoy the colourful reefs. 

Sara Solomonsson, Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two


“Everything from start to finish was amazing. Booking was easy, a great team in the UK.”

Jamie Kelly – Scuba Tribe

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Egypt

“It has something for everyone, regardless of experience, skill level or ability.” Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns, Egypt

Simon Richards
Master Liveaboards

“A pod of around 30 dolphins came to play. It was just amazing..” Egypt Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns 

Michelle Allen
Blue O Two

“Drop offs, strong currents, sharks, sharks, sharks and the ‘deep blue’ water when looking out into the deep. ” Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“Exploring offshore dive sites is a must for any diver and the offshore sites of Daedalus and the Brothers Islands in the Red Sea are up there with the best in the world.” Egypt Project Shark: Daedalus and St Johns 

James Evans
Sales Manager
Master Liveaboards


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