Egypt Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad and St Johns

18 May, 2021 4495 Views
Lisa Taylor

Name: Lisa Taylor
Job title: Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two
Itinerary: Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad, and St Johns
Destination: Egypt

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On this itinerary, you will visit areas only accessible by liveaboard. It takes in the world-famous marine parks of Rocky and Zabargad and the stunning reefs of St Johns and Fury Shoal.  The itinerary offers the chance to dive a wide range of dive sites, whilst avoiding the crowds.  

With years of experience within the dive industry, our Dive Consultant, Lisa Taylor, certainly knows which are the best dives in Egypt.  Its no surprise that she has chosen the Rocky, Zabargad, and St Johns itinerary in Egypt. 

Hear why it is Lisa’s favourite…

Having lived in Egypt for most of my adult life I like to think I know a bit or two about the best diving spots.  

When you arrive to the island of Zabargad it’s like a picture from the famous movie Moana. Iis described as an enormous mountain reaching out of the water, surrounded by a lagoon housing marine life within an amazing circling reef. 

Many people have had the most amazing experiences swimming with dolphins and sharks.  They sometimes join you swimming around the brightly coloured soft corals and reefs. 

I am also very interested in the history of the wrecks. For example, the Khanka, best known as a Russian spy ship. 

Lisa Taylor, Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two

Egypt Red Sea Blue O Two

“An excellent trip. Great crew and service. Couldn’t fault the accommodation and the food was 5*. I would highly recommend a trip with these guys when everything’s back to normal.” 


September 2020 

See what others have said…

With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Egypt

“Great food, fab crew, and even better shark sightings.” Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad and St Johns

Michelle Allen
Product Development
Blue O Two

“Sharks, sharks, and more sharks!” Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad and St Johns

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“Trip of a lifetime!” Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad, and St Johns

Nick Jones
Blue O Two

“Such variations in dives. Something for everyone”. Project Shark: Rocky, Zabargad, and St Johns

Claire Moorcraft
Digital Marketing Executive
Blue O Two


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