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26 March, 2021 1290 Views


Paul Vinten, Marine Biologist.

Paul heads up the Blue O Two Project Shark itineraries. He has a wealth of experience and is always keen to share that with our guests.

Paul graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh back in 1993 with a degree in Applied Marine Biology and commercial diving. He helped to set up and work in, what was then the largest aquarium in Europe, Deep Sea World in Scotland. Paul worked as a diver and aquarist to maintain the large ocean tank and take care of the many marine species, including the nurse sharks.

Paul has also worked for the University of Stirling in the aquaculture department. In Cyprus he ran a large successful offshore fish farm. Travelling around Australia, Paul worked as a dive guide on the Great Barrier Reef.

He arrived in Egypt in 1998. Paul worked as a dive instructor and he found the diving and the lifestyle so addictive, he didn’t want to leave. During his time in Egypt, Paul qualified as a technical diving instructor trainer and worked full time on safari boats for 10 years. He ran coral reef surveying courses and marine biology presentations. Paul enjoys the thrill of introducing visiting divers to the wonders of the Red Sea.

Paul comments:

“As I’m passionate about the marine environment, my intention is to encourage people to understand and promote the importance of sharks.  I’d love to leave people wanting to spread the word of how important the marine ecosystem is to the continued health of the planet.  Working with Blue O Two helps me to do just that.  I love the sea!  With the support of such a great team, I am able to give our customers an even better experience, sharing my knowledge and driving their understanding of sharks.”

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Photo credits: Gerald Rambert and Bruce Shafer.