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21 July, 2023 3028 Views

Be one of the first to experience undiscovered gems.

Epic 8 will take you on an incredible journey, visiting some of the most captivating dive sites in the Maldives, alongside undiscovered gems.

This brand new 10 night adventure will take you through eight different atolls in the Maldives.

Explore South Male, South Ari and Vaavu. Enjoy the little known and little explored atolls of Thaa and Faafu, as well as diving the smallest atoll in the Maldives – Rasdhoo.

Your itinerary:

Male – South Male – Vaavu – Meemu – Thaa – Faafu – Ari – Rasdhoo (smallest) – Male

Prepare to be totally absorbed with the variety of diving, from reefs to channels to thilas to blue water drift dives.

It gets better – this itinerary gives you the best chance of big encounters. If you picture manta cleaning stations and plenty of sharks – grey, spinner, tiger, bull sharks – then you’re getting the idea. We’ll always try to find a friendly whale shark for you. And yes, this one includes the serene nurse shark dusk dive at Alimata.  

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you don’t need any domestic flights for this itinerary. No tricky transfers and waiting around in airports. Just hop on Blue Voyager from Male and off you go on a ten night epic diving safari. Then hop off again, completely in love with diving in the Maldives and new bragging rights.

The itinerary has been designed by our wonderful Maldives Cruise Directors, Oliver and Carmen. Watch an informative film, featuring our new film star, Oliver, describing the new Epic 8.


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