Fantastic news from the Maldives

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Responsible tourism

14 August, 2019 375 Views

Fantastic news from the Maldives

We’ve received some great news from our team in the Maldives in our goal towards becoming completely single-use plastic free.

We are now pleased to offer guests on board M/V Blue Spirit and M/Y Blue Voyager filtered water via our new on-board water purifiers. This means no single-use plastic water bottles will be available in the Maldives.

M/V Sea Spirit, M/Y Blue Voyager and its dhoni, Blue Shadow, have all been fitted with water membranes and mineralisers which makes the water safe to drink and can be topped up as and when you like. We invite you to become part of the solution, by bringing your own personal water bottle for your next Maldives adventure.

Water filter installed on board


Our fleet-wide implementation of plastic-reduction measures started last year, with the banning of plastic straws from our entire fleet. Since then we have banned all single-use plastic bottles on our Red Sea fleet, offer reef-friendly sunscreen in Palau, provided our suppliers with reusable tubs to deliver goods in the Solomon Islands and much more.

Unfortunately, we do still have single-use plastics on board our Maldives vessels for soft drinks that cannot be sourced in cans. But this is a positive step in the right direction, and we will continue to search for new suppliers, resources and methods to ensure we stop the production of unnecessary products.

For those who don’t own your own personal water bottle then our very own reusable water bottles are available to purchase on board if required.


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