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Blue O Two services2019-04-12T13:54:58+01:00
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Can Blue O Two arrange dive insurance?2019-11-28T05:42:10+00:00

Blue O Two acts as an introducer for DiveAssure who offer a selection of competitively priced dive and travel insurance policies, including short term and multiple trip policies. Their ‘Dive & Travel Plus’ insurance plan has been specifically developed for liveaboard diving holiday to provide cover above and beyond standard travel insurance, for example, missing your liveaboard departure due to a missed travel connection or lost diving days due to illness of a fellow passenger.

Packages include cancellation insurance, which is valid from the date of purchase. So, whether you are travelling next week or in two year’s time, you can book your cover today and enjoy the peace of mind having insurance can bring.

Opting for an “Annual Multi-trip” policy will also ensure that you are fully covered for any non-diving related travel of not longer than 42 days per trip.

Our referral program with DiveAssure allows you to book directly through their website, in a 4-step hassle-free way.

– Enter your location and desired cover start date
– Select your desired program
– Enter you personal details
– Pay through the secure website

Prices start from as little as US$49 for the “Gold 7-day dive only” policy.

Use our referral link to ensure you get the best price for your desired coverage!

Conserving the future of our oceans?2018-10-22T18:40:52+01:00

Like you, we are passionate about the oceans and as Scuba Divers we feel a duty towards actively participating in supporting the education and preservation of our oceans and the marine species within them. We actively support a number of marine conservation projects, run environmentally focused liveaboard itineraries and have actually won responsible tourism awards for our efforts.

How do I find out about employment with Blue O Two?2019-08-28T08:49:17+01:00

Blue O Two is at the forefront of scuba diving travel. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Careers page.

How do I join the Partner Plus scheme?2018-10-22T18:43:35+01:00

To qualify for our partner plus scheme you must be a business (dive centre/shop etc). Joining is easy, please simply contact our UK team on +44(0) 01752 480808 and they will talk you through the system and its benefits.

I am a diving centre, what benefits do you offer?2018-10-22T11:54:52+01:00

We offer dive businesses the opportunity to join our ‘Partner Plus’ scheme, which enables you to earn commission on your booking. We offer group booking incentives; 10 pay – 1 goes free* or 20 pay – 2 go free*. We also offer full organisational and marketing support to help you to sell your trip. (*Based on the lowest package price paid within the group after all discounts have been applied).

What diving destinations do you offer?2018-12-04T14:24:54+00:00

We offer scuba diving holidays across the globe including; Red Sea (Egypt), Pacific Ocean (Galapagos, Palau, Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and French Polynesia), Americas (Bahamas & Galapagos), Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines) and in the Indian Ocean (the Maldives and Sri Lanka). Contact us if you would like to tailor-make your own scuba diving holiday experience.

What services does Blue O Two offer?2019-08-28T08:42:29+01:00

Blue O Two offers scuba diving holidays in key destinations across the globe. A Red Sea liveaboard specialist, Blue O Two is a leading scuba diving tour operator.

Why is Blue O Two different to other operators?2019-08-28T08:48:49+01:00

We manage and operate our own fleet of luxury liveaboards in the Red Sea and the Maldives, giving us complete control over the quality of your holiday.