Coronavirus FAQs

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What has happened so far?

Since international travel became a logistical impossibility some 15 weeks ago, we have postponed and rebooked over 1,500 bookings that have so far been affected, and we expect this number to continue to rise. As you can imagine, this is an exceedingly time consuming and complex process across all our brands.

For a more detailed ‘Business in Covid’ update, please click here.

How do I know if my holiday is going ahead?

If your holiday begins before the below dates we’re sorry to say that your trip has been postponed due to COVID-19. If your holiday is affected we will be proactively contacting you to discuss your options.

All departures departing beyond the below dates are currently planned to go ahead and we ask that all payments be kept up to date as per your booking confirmation.

Vessel Start Dates*
Galapagos Master 17-Aug-2020
French Polynesia Master 1-Oct-2020
Bahamas Master 30-Sep-2020
Truk Master 31-Oct-2020
Solomons PNG Master 5-Sep-2020
Blue Adventurer 4-Sep-2020
Blue Melody 18-Sep-2020
Blue Horizon 7-Sep-2020
Blue Voyager 16-Aug-2020
Blue Spirit 15-Nov-2020
Philippine Siren 26-Sep-2020
Palau Siren 26-Aug-2020
Indo Siren 6-Aug-2020
Junk Can operate
Phinisi Can operate

*It is worth noting that as destinations begin opening, there may still be international travel restrictions in place that affect your ability to reach the vessel. Please continue to monitor any governmental advice and international travel restrictions in relation to your cruise.

Can I amend my booking?

We understand that you may want to amend your booking. Amendments are made on a booking by booking basis and though we are trying to accommodate wherever we can, however, this may not always be possible. We will consider both destination restrictions and guests personal circumstances when reviewing booking amendments.

What is a credit note?

If you wish to reschedule your holiday, but cannot yet commit to a new date then a credit note has been issued to give you the flexibility to book the holiday of your choice in the future.

While we fully expect to deliver on all credit notes when operations begin again, you may, of course, worry that your funds are no longer protected. Please be assured that this is not the case and credit refunds are protected in the same way as your cash payments. You can read more here.

I would like a refund

If you’re unable to reschedule or accept a credit note then we are of course taking refund requests. Please note that due to the huge workload and reduced team that we currently have, refunds are likely to take 10 to 12 weeks to be processed at this time.

How can I speak to a member of the team?

Our team is currently operating with much fewer staff than normal and across fewer time zones. This means that our phone lines are open for a shorter period of time and you may not always be able to get through.

Our current availability by telephone is at the following times:

UK (GMT +1): 08:30 to 17:00
TH (GMT +7): 14:30 to 17:00

UK Number: +44 1752 480808
USA Number: +1866 258 6398
TH Number: +667 636 7444

If you cannot get through by telephone, or if you prefer to contact us via email, then we can still be contacted on both / and through our website on live chat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We currently have an experienced team in Thailand and in the UK assisting with all bookings, though as previously mentioned, their numbers are much reduced so please try to be patient. Staff across both offices have extensive experience in managing bookings and are more than happy to assist where possible and we will be in touch as soon as we possibly can.