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Diving Courses2019-04-12T13:56:03+01:00
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Are technical courses available?2018-10-22T12:02:58+01:00

We are now able to offer technical courses in the Red Sea, for more information please visit our ‘Technical Diving’ page.

Children: Are children allowed on board2023-05-09T14:55:22+01:00

For details about our on board child policy please see our Terms and Conditions page.

I am concerned about the pace of the training – what if I can’t keep up?2018-10-22T19:35:54+01:00

All of the BSAC, PADI and SSI courses we provide are designed to be taught at an individuals pace. Our professional instructors are always happy to re-demonstrate skills or teach you one-to-one on points that are particularly bothering you. You will never be rushed or pushed into anything on any of the courses that you are not ready to complete. Safety is always our first priority, this is what allows us to ensure we provide you with the best diving experience.

What if I become ill part way through a course and am unable to complete my training?2018-10-22T19:36:25+01:00

If you become sick whilst carrying out a course and are unable to complete the training it is at the discretion of the dive centre or instructor to provide you with a referral note to allow you to complete the training at a later stage or with an alternative dive centre. Please see our Terms & Conditions for a detailed explanation of company procedure.