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While some batteries may be available to purchase on board, please bring extras if your personal dive equipment may require a unique size. Because of the remote locations in which our vessels operate, there is limited or no access to battery recycling facilities. To help us with responsible tourism we kindly request you bring home your own spent batteries to be recycled or disposed of properly. Alternatively, consider using rechargeable batteries as there are plenty of sockets to plug in a charger on board.

Check in / Check out times2023-08-07T08:15:30+01:00

Check In: 18:00 on the day of embarkation. The boat will remain in port overnight and depart from the marina the following morning at approximately 08:00.

Check Out: Upon return into the marina during the afternoon of the last full day on board, our representatives will advise you of your precise departure arrangements for the following day. Normally, you will be expected to vacate the vessel between 09:00 and 10:00 the following morning.

On leaving the liveaboard, and depending on your return flight departure time, you will be provided with local day use facilities. This does not include the use of a hotel room although these may be available to book at an additional cost. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a hotel room for your last night, day use rooms can only be arranged in resort as they are subject to availability. Please note that, after breakfast on board the boat, no additional meals or snacks are provided so, for late flights, a lunch provision may be necessary.

If you decide to upgrade to a hotel room on the final night of your trip, check in will be available from 14:00 and check out will be at 12:00 noon.

Children: Are children allowed on board2023-05-09T14:56:21+01:00

For details about our on board child policy please see our Terms and Conditions page.

Depth Limitations – CDWS Regulations2023-05-09T14:59:28+01:00

For full information on maximum depths in the Red Sea for recreational and technical diving please link to the PDF HERE.

Diving: Brothers & Daedalus Regulations2021-10-01T12:20:15+01:00

In an effort to preserve the natural environment for the Oceanic Whitetips, the CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports) in Egypt have brought in new regulations for diving these sites. We are now not allowed to stay overnight and the number of dive boats are now limited.

Diving: Equipment2018-10-22T19:39:00+01:00

We are able to offer a full range of equipment hire. Although we stock a range of spare equipment on-board, our main storage is located in port, so we ask that you pre-book all your diving equipment before you travel to ensure we can meet your requirements. If you haven’t pre-booked, please inform us immediately upon your arrival to the vessel and we will do our best to accommodate for your requests. NOTE: We require all divers to use a computer and DSMB & reel for all diving conducted throughout our safaris. A full range and price list of our equipment is available on our website.

Diving: Gloves & Knives – CDWS Regulations2019-03-19T12:18:21+00:00

The official CDWS statement with regards to wearing gloves and carrying dive knives in the Red Sea can be found HERE.

Diving: How many dives per day will I get?2019-10-22T07:30:07+01:00

On a seven day safari, there will be five ‘full’ days of diving – this means up to four dives per day, depending on itinerary and weather conditions. On day six there will be two dives in the morning before the vessel re-fuels and returns to port in the afternoon. This ensures plenty ‘on surface’ time before flying on day seven.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you DO NOT DIVE FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE TRAVELLING BY AIR. Doing so may invalidate your travel insurance in the event of illness during your journey home.

Diving: Itineraries2019-10-22T07:37:15+01:00

We offer a wide range of exciting diving itineraries from the far north to the deep south of the Egyptian Red Sea.

Dive sites visited include the stunning marine parks of Ras Mohamed on the Sinai, the Brother Islands and Daedalus Reef, incredible reef formations of Safaga, Strait of Tiran, St Johns, Fury Shoal, Zabargad and Elphinstone and some of the best wreck diving in the world, including the ‘ships graveyard’ of Abu Nuhas and the famous SS. Thistlegorm.

We also offer speciality itineraries including marine conservation and Project Shark safaris.

Diving: Muck stick – CDWS Regulations2019-07-01T15:00:00+01:00

The Muck Stick, Pointer Stick or Lobster Tickle Stick is usually made of solid stainless steel or aluminum and is 12 to 18 inches long. Recent reports claim this device is being used – mostly by UW photographers – on coral reefs to stabilize themselves when close to the reef.

CDWS investigation concluded the following:

“The use of such rods to touch corals and marine organisms in order to stabilize photographers or divers negatively impacts the reefs, especially if widely used. Therefore, CDWS strongly forbids scuba divers and photographers to use these sticks in an attempt to promote an eco-friendly marine environment in the Red Sea.”

The penalty list for environmental violations will apply. The official CDWS statement can be found HERE.

Diving: RIB Usage2018-10-22T19:42:03+01:00

Due to a number of factors, which may include weather or currents, it may be necessary to use a RIB to access and leave some dive sites. If you require any special assistance to enter a RIB, please contact us prior to departure via email – or telephone – 01752 480808.

Diving: Sea temperature2023-05-09T15:03:48+01:00

You can use the following as a guide to the average water temperatures for the time of year that you will be visiting the Red Sea: JAN – 21 – 22 oC FEB – 21 – 22 oC MAR – 23 oC APR – 24 oC MAY – 25 oC JUN – 26 oC JUL – 27 oC AUG – 28 oC SEPT – 27 oC OCT – 25 – 26 oC NOV – 24 oC DEC – 23 oC

Diving: SS. Thistlegorm Regulations2018-10-22T19:43:13+01:00

In an effort to preserve the majestic wreck of the SS. Thistlegorm, the CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports) in Egypt have brought in new guidelines for diving this site. In order to abide by these new regulations, we ask that all divers who wish to dive the SS. Thistlegorm wreck have a minimum of 20 logged dives. Any diver with less than 20 logged dives will still be able to join an itinerary which visits the SS. Thistlegorm on its route but will unfortunately be unable to take part in any dives on this wreck. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused but ask for your understanding to aid the preservation of this world-famous wreck for years to come.

Diving: What is included if I rent full diving equipment from Blue O Two?2019-08-28T08:47:23+01:00

The full equipment hire consists of: BCD, regulator, mask and snorkel, 5mm full wetsuit, pair of booties, pair of fins, weight belt and weights and an SMB and reel. Torches and computers are not included in the full equipment hire, but can be booked separately. Please let us know upon booking what your requirements and sizes are and we will arrange it for you.

Diving: What thickness wetsuit should I wear?2023-05-09T15:05:27+01:00

Please see suggested wetsuit thicknesses below…

JAN: Full 5mm or 7mm
FEB: Full 5mm or 7mm
MAR: Full 5mm or 7mm
APR: Full 5mm
MAY: Full 5mm
JUN: Full 3mm or 5mm
JUL: Shorty or full 3mm
AUG: Shorty or full 3mm
SEPT: Full 3mm or 5mm
OCT: Full 5mm
NOV: Full 5mm
DEC: Full 5mm or 7mm

Egyptian Visa2023-05-09T15:08:02+01:00

Blue O Two provides a pre-arranged Visa Meet & Greet service, available at the Hurghada HRG and Marsa Alam RMF airports. In Hurghada and Marsa Alam, it is a flat fee (depending on exchange rates) and there will be a Blue O Two representative with a Blue O Two sign before you reach the immigration counters.

Your passport must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt.

We are able to pre-arrange for most nationalities including UK, EU and USA. Please visit the following website of the Egyptian Consulate for current visa eligibility including visa upon arrival:

We advise all passengers arriving into Hurghada on the same day as embarkation to use our pre-arranged visa service in order to avoid lengthy delays that may affect your transfer and other passengers. If you have booked our pre-arranged Visa Meet & Greet service please do not purchase another visa on arrival from a local agent – if you are harassed by a local agent, report the incident to the tourist police in the airport terminal. We can arrange the Visa Meet & Greet service on days other than embarkation day, if combined with a transfer. Transfer prices vary depending on number of PAX and which ports.

General Foreign Travel Advice2020-02-04T06:55:21+00:00

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, please visit

The U.S. Department of State website, also has essential travel advice and tips for North Americans.

Hurghada airport and batteries (departing flights)2018-10-22T19:46:11+01:00

Introduced as a new security measure, Hurghada airport now require that batteries be removed from items such as torches and dive computers etc if they are being carried as hand luggage. If you travel with such items in your hand luggage and batteries are not removed there is a chance that they will be removed by airport security and disposed of. We therefore recommend that you pack battery operated items or their batteries in your hold luggage.

Insurance policy for dive accidents statement – CDWS Regulations2018-10-22T19:46:45+01:00

CDWS strongly recommends that certified or student divers carry an insurance policy against dive injuries and related costs. Certified and/or student divers have to be aware that some standard health policies or travel insurance policies contain exclusions for diving related accidents, including chamber treatment and medical evacuation. Diving without a valid insurance is at the client’s own risk.

Last night: Dining out & hotel upgrade2019-03-06T13:42:24+00:00

Dining Out:
Upon your return into the marina on Thursday afternoon, our representatives will advise you on your options for Thursday evening and make arrangements on your behalf. Although you are very welcome to stay on board the vessel for dinner, many guests choose to enjoy an evening in town sampling some of the numerous restaurants and bars. If you haven’t been able to find what you want in our on-board store, then this is also an ideal time to purchase some gifts for loved ones back at home and try your hand at a bit of haggling. We will be happy to recommend some lovely spots and make reservations for you. Dining outside of the vessel is not covered in your package price. However, don’t let this put you off as the cost of a meal ranges between only £5 – £30 for a 3 course meal and is of an extremely high standard.

Hotel Upgrade:
If you fancy adding that extra bit of luxury to your last night, we are able to offer you an upgrade to a hotel for your last night’s stay, prices vary depending on the time of year. You can book a last night upgrade before your trip or if you decide during your holiday, our ground team can make arrangements for you.

On board: Cabin selection2020-01-13T09:49:59+00:00

You are able to select your favourite cabin on one of our Blue O Two fleet vessels ahead of departure, subject to availability, for a small charge. Contact your dive travel consultant to check availability. Current charges can be found on the vessel pages.

Cabins: M/Y Blue Horizon

Every cabin boasts a mini bar, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with a hard drive containing movies and TV series’. In addition the saloon is equipped with a large plasma screen with a HDMI lead to enable you to connect devices. Bath towels and dressing gowns are provided for every guest so don’t feel you need to bring these.

Cabins: M/Y Blue Melody & M/Y Blue Adventurer

Every cabin boasts an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV with a hard drive containing movies and TV series’. In addition the saloon is equipped with a large plasma screen with a HDMI lead, to enable you to connect devices. Bath towels and dressing gowns are provided for every guest so don’t feel you need to bring these.

We have a hot water system on board all of our vessels, which provide an ample amount of hot water for all guests to shower. Please note you should be prepared for a drop in water pressure or a breakdown in supplies, particularly when everybody is trying to shower at the same time. You should also be aware that the plumbing & water heating systems on-board vessels are not as efficient & sophisticated as those which we are used to in hotels or at home.

On board: Can I wear shoes on Blue O Two liveaboards?2019-08-28T08:46:49+01:00

Footwear is not allowed on board Blue O Two vessels. This is a safety rule implemented to minimise accidents on board – some shoes are not suitable for gripping on wet surfaces and having shoes left around the vessel can cause tripping hazards.

On board: Electricity supply & charging stations2019-03-06T13:40:30+00:00

The electricity supply onboard all four of our Egyptian Red Sea fleet vessels is European two-pin 220V/50Hz.

We have designated charging points for charging camera and torch batteries on-board the vessel. We ask that you do not charge batteries in your cabin or any other device, whilst not present for fire safety reasons.

On board: Fire Safety2019-11-18T06:46:06+00:00

Each of our Red Sea vessels has a central fire detection system, with smoke detectors located in every single room, and all public areas on the boat that are connected to a central panel in the captain’s cabin, which shows where a fire may be in the event of smoke being detected.  Each cabin is also equipped with a 1kg powder fire extinguisher and all public areas around the boat have a mixture of extinguisher types and sizes depending on the location and potential cause of a fire.

On the first morning, the Cruise Director / Guides will conduct a full Muster Drill to give guests a chance to locate their life jackets and gather in the designated meeting point on the boat.

On board: Internet2023-06-07T14:47:25+01:00

All three Blue O Two fleet vessels, M/Y Blue Horizon, M/Y Blue Melody and M/Y Blue Adventurer have been kitted out with wireless internet access.

The Wi-Fi can be used on board FREE OF CHARGE and will be available where there is a signal for email and web browsing. Please note that Egyptian internet is not of European standard and access will be limited (mainly available when closer to land). For guests who require more data during their trip, data SIM cards can be purchased at the airport just before you exit the airport building.

On board: Meals2019-08-28T10:33:39+01:00

On board the Blue O Two fleet, lunch and evening meals usually consist of lots of fresh vegetables, rice, chicken, beef and fish. Breakfast is usually eggs cooked to your choice (omelette, fried, poached, boiled or scrambled), pancakes, toast, fresh fruit, cereal. Snacks are available between dives. If you have any individual dietary requirements, please ensure that you notify your Blue O Two representative at the point of booking. Please note that specific brands of foods and soft drinks are often unavailable in the Red Sea. It can be very difficult for us to find: gluten free, low-fat or soy products that are common elsewhere. While we always do our best to accommodate your requests, please be realistic and consider bringing some of your own foods if the lack thereof may constitute a health risk or seriously compromise your enjoyment of your holiday.

On board: Mobile phone reception & entertainment2023-05-09T15:48:10+01:00

Mobile phones can be used on board the vessels but please note that there may not be mobile phone reception at certain dive sites on certain itineraries. There is more reception in the North and there is no reception in the Marine Parks.

TVs in the communal areas are equipped a hard drive containing movies and TV series.

On board: Nitrox?2023-05-09T15:52:14+01:00

Yes – all of our fleet vessels are equipped with a Nitrox Membrane System to offer fills up to 32%. We offer a weekly unlimited package for guests who would like to dive on Nitrox for the majority or a full week. Nitrox is also available on a per fill basis. We ask that you inform the dive guide prior to the tanks being filled so that they can ensure your tank is filled with the correct gas in time for your dive.

On board: Noise2018-10-22T19:52:51+01:00

Due to the nature of staying on a liveaboard vessel, a certain degree of noise should be expected. Many liveaboard vessels are built using wood which by nature is subject to movement and creaking noises which may at times be heard. As a liveaboard vessel will spend the majority of a safari trip at sea, water noise may also be heard from cabins. Some itineraries may include long crossings which may take place overnight so as not to limit the amount of diving that can take place during the day. Guests will be informed before an overnight sail takes place but engine noise should be expected during any times when the boat is moving.

On board: Payment methods and currencies accepted2022-11-25T17:31:17+00:00

You can use UK debit cards (no surcharge) or credit cards (3% surcharge) to pay for amounts over 20 USD on board our fleet vessels. You can also use cash to pay on board but please be aware that any notes that you pay with must be in perfect condition, free from any marks or splits as they are not accepted in the banks in Egypt.

All onboard prices are in US Dollars. We do however also accept GBP Sterling (Bank of England only – sorry no Scottish/Jersey/Guernsey etc notes), Egyptian pounds and Euros. The exchange rate used for any conversions will be based on the current rate at the time of settling the bill.

On board: Plug adaptors2023-05-09T15:57:32+01:00

The standard plugs on board are European 2-pin. We provide multi socket extensions with 2-pin and UK 3-pin options. Lastly, we also have USB socket chargers available in your cabins and communal areas on Blue Horizon, Blue Melody and Blue Adventurer.

We ask that you do not charge any device in your cabin whilst you are not present, for fire safety reasons.

On board: Smoking and Vaping2023-05-09T15:59:05+01:00

Smoking and vaping is permitted in the outdoor areas on the vessel with the exception of the dive deck. Wind proof ash trays will be provided for your use. There is a No Smoking/vaping policy on board our vessels during the dive site briefings, for the comfort of all our guests. Smoking and vaping is NOT permitted anywhere inside on the vessel.

On board: Toiletries and hair dryers2023-05-09T16:01:07+01:00

We do not provide hair dryers onboard. We provide shower gel in every cabin.

On board: Towels2023-05-09T16:02:03+01:00

Fresh bath towels will be provided for your use on board our fleet vessels as well as a fresh poncho in place of a dressing gown. Facecloths are not available.

On board: What is a liveaboard vessel?2018-10-22T19:56:14+01:00

Liveaboards provide scuba facilities and living accommodations for divers. The boat becomes your home and you eat, sleep and dive on it! Liveaboards stay at sea for the duration of the tour and therefore can explore more remote sites. This type of diving opens up a whole new world of top class scuba holidays that would simply not be available on regular day trip boats.

Passports & Visas2023-05-11T14:25:32+01:00

Visa Information

A visa is required to visit Egypt. It is the individual traveller’s responsibility to ensure they have organised the relevant visa for a holiday booked with Blue O Two. If you are in any doubt we recommend you contact the visa section of your local Egyptian embassy. In some cases it is necessary to acquire your visa in advance.

We are able to pre-arrange a visa upon arrival for most nationals. Please visit the following website of the Egyptian Consulate for current visa eligibility including visa upon arrival:

Yellow fever certificate requirements – check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s HealthTravelPro website


Evidence of a previous visit to Israel like an Israeli entry/exit stamp in your passport does not normally cause any difficulties when entering Egypt. It is, however, for the Egyptian authorities to determine the right of entry into the country. If you have any concerns, you should contact the Egyptian consulate.

Israeli Nationals are not permitted to go to the Marine Parks on a liveaboard, they are only permitted to join a north safari. Special permission from the authorities is also required for the boat permissions in Egypt. A copy of the passport and flight information is required at least one month in advance to apply for the special boat permission and the Egyptian authorities reserve the right to refuse permission.

Passport Validity

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt.

Please visit for the most up to date advice.

Pre-Travel Health: General Advice2020-02-11T05:25:23+00:00


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have had the required vaccines for the countries you are visiting. Please contact your health adviser or pharmacy, at least 8 weeks prior to departure, for advice if you are unsure which vaccinations you require. We are unable to give specific advice on vaccines or other medical precautions as this information should be provided by a medical professional. Further travel health advice can be found at:

Insect-borne diseases

Take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitos and other insects, see

Severe allergies

If you have a severe allergy, please inform us before you travel.

Recompression chambers in Egypt2018-10-22T19:57:24+01:00

Hyperbaric facilities are located in:

– Dahab
– El Gouna
– Hamata
– Hurghada
– Marsa Alam
– Safaga
– Sharm el Sheikh

Please note that this list is subject to unannounced changes.

For up to date information please contact the CDWS (Chamber of Diving and Watersports)

Technical: BSAC decompression diving – CDWS Regulations2018-10-22T19:57:59+01:00

BSAC recreational decompression divers are NOT permitted to conduct decompression diving under CDWS regulations. In order to conduct decompression dives, BSAC divers must hold the ‘Accelerated Decompression Procedure’ qualification or higher and this will be classified as technical diving.

Technical: Can Blue O Two cater for rebreather divers?2023-05-11T14:27:50+01:00

We can cater for Buddy Inspiration and Buddy Evolution systems. Please ensure that you inform us about this upon booking as it’s subject to availability of a suitable dive guide.

Technical: Courses – are they available?2018-10-22T19:59:06+01:00

We are now able to offer technical courses in the Red Sea, for more information please see our Technical Diving page.

Technical: How to travel with a rebreather unit?2023-05-11T14:31:05+01:00

Before travelling, check that blue o two offers the correct grade scrubber for your unit. If you decide to rent from blue o two, we will cater for all your needs; however, if you decide to travel with your own cylinders and scrubber, please ensure you follow the current airlines regulations on transport.

While packing, make sure that you have spare cells, batteries and o-rings for your unit as these are virtually impossible to find in Egypt. Pack your unit carefully so that it will withstand harsh luggage handling and, if possible, we recommend that all electronic components go into your hand luggage.

Check with your airline about their weight allowance. All airlines have different rules and it is often better paying for any extra luggage in advance to save money. If you have paid for extra luggage, make sure you print your confirmation and all the terms and conditions relating to the extra weight to take to check in with your diving license.

This should simplify your travel and you will be able to enjoy your time in the Red Sea.

Technical: What are the technical diving requirements?2020-02-04T03:29:53+00:00

Technical Diving – The Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) requires that we have a suitably qualified technical dive guide on board for the duration of the trip when any passengers are planning on technical diving. The dive guide must have the same, or greater, level of diving qualification (depth limit and gas mix). If you do not have your own dive buddy with the same technical qualifications booking on the trip with you, you will need to pay for a private technical dive guide.

If you are planning on making any decompression dives, or any dive deeper than 40 meters, you must notify us prior to the point of booking your liveaboard to ensure we are able to accommodate your request. The CDWS considers technical diving to include any decompression dives or any dive deeper than 40 meters, regardless of gasses used or your certification agency.

Please submit the appropriate form for Open Circuit Technical Diver or Rebreather Technical Diver, found here (, as soon as possible. If you fail to notify us in advance and/or fail to provide the completed technical diving form as requested, you may not be able to engage in any technical diving.

Tipping Guidelines2022-11-02T14:07:36+00:00

At Blue O Two we believe that tipping is a matter of personal choice. Should you feel that your crew has made your holiday extra special; then they will certainly appreciate a tip. If you are unsure about how much to tip, we would recommend 15 USD per night per guest (other currencies accepted). Please note we are only able to accept tips in cash. An envelope will be provided for your convenience by your cruise director and gratuities will be divided equally amongst all the crew, including the captain and dive guides.

Transfers from Hurghada airport2021-10-11T10:11:24+01:00

You will find advice about the transfer timings for your particular trip on your Blue O Two booking confirmation. However, if you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to ask your Blue O Two dive travel consultant prior to your departure.

The following should be used as a guide:

– Hurghada Airport – Hurghada Marina (vessel departing from Hurghada) = 15 mins
– Hurghada Airport – Port Ghalib (vessel departing from Port Ghalib) = 3 hours

On longer transfers, snacks and water will be provided. The times quoted are direct travelling times and do not take into account stops en-route to allow guests to stretch their legs. You will be transferred from the airport/ hotel to the vessel on arrival day and from your vessel back to the airport or hotel on your departure.

Wherever possible, a Blue O Two representative will accompany you. Please note that, due to the nature of the roads in holiday resorts, it is not always possible for our coaches to drive all the way to the docking point of our vessels within the marina. For the marinas which are set back from the main road, the coaches will drop passengers off at the nearest point on the main road and passengers will disembark and walk the remainder of the way to the vessel. Blue O Two crews will take care of your luggage and ensure that it is safely delivered to the vessel.

Please note that, if you are making your own travel arrangements, you will be able to check in on the vessel after 18:00. We will always try our best to welcome you beforehand whenever possible but, the vessels need time to be properly restocked and cleaned before your arrival.

What happens when I arrive at Hurghada airport?2023-05-11T14:34:11+01:00

Upon arrival, a Blue O Two representative will meet you inside the airport and present you with your Egyptian Entry Visa (if this has been prepaid). After collecting your luggage and passing through customs, a second representative will meet you outside of the airport and they will show you to the transport taking you to your chosen liveaboard vessel.

What should I pack?2023-05-11T14:35:22+01:00

When packing for a diving holiday, we all know how important it is to keep your weight down, so here are some handy hints on useful things you might want to consider packing and others that are not necessary!

What to pack (apart from the obvious!)…

– A warm top – it can get a bit windy and chilly out at sea in the evenings.
– There are no hairdryers on board and so bring one if this is something you want.
– SUNCREAM!!! – protect your skin! The Egyptian sun is very strong – don’t get burnt!
– SUNGLASSES!!! – protect your eyes! It is sunny almost all year in Egypt and as the boats are white, it can be very bright!
– Any medication you may need – there are well stocked medical kits on board, but if you know you are prone to ear problems or sea sickness, it is best to come prepared!

What not to pack…

– Towels – shower towels and a large beach towel are provided for every guest as well as a poncho which can be very useful on deck after a night dive!
– Adapters – although plugs are European 2 pin, there are plenty of extension leads with UK sockets on deck for guest use.
– Smart clothes – liveaboards are informal places and you will almost certainly find yourself wearing the same pair of shorts and t-shirt all week!
– Shoes – it is not permitted to wear shoes on board for safety reasons and so you really only need the pair you travel in.

Where can I leave feedback following my holiday?2018-10-22T20:03:45+01:00

You can leave feedback about your holiday on our tablets that are supplied on board our Red Sea vessels at the end of your trip.

Why do you require/recommend a minimum number of logged dives?2018-10-22T20:04:17+01:00

For itineraries that include marine park dives, you must be a PADI Open Water diver or equivalent and have logged a minimum of 30 dives.

For itineraries that do not include marine park dives, we recommend a minimum 30 logged dives for your enjoyment. On some occasions we do accept divers with less than 30 dives, however for safety reasons they must understand that depending on conditions, the dive guide may ask them to sit some dives out.