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Diving: Are reef hooks allowed in the Maldives?2018-10-22T20:06:37+00:00

The use of reef hooks is permitted in the Maldives. Guests on board M/Y blue Voyager can purchase reef hooks on board for US $25.

Diving: Are there strong currents in the Maldives?2018-10-22T20:07:08+00:00

Yes there are currents (ranging from gentle to strong) in the Maldives and some atolls offer more ‘channel’ diving such as Felidhu/Vaavu, Meemu, Laamu.

Diving: Decompression diving2018-10-22T20:07:35+00:00

The Maldivian government (MOT) states that decompression diving is prohibited in the Maldives. Only no decompression diving is allowed.

Diving: Depth limitations2018-10-22T20:08:45+00:00

The Maldivian government (MOT) states that the maximum depth for all recreational diving in the Maldives is 30 metres.

Diving: Equipment2018-10-22T20:09:55+00:00

According to the Maldivian government (MOT), all divers should carry the following with them during all recreation diving activities:

a) Mask, snorkel & fins
b) Regulator with submersible pressure gauge and alternative air source or redundant air supply
c) Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD) vest with oral and low pressure inflator
d) Time and depth measuring device
e) Emergency signalling device comprising inflatable surface balloon and whistle

During all night diving activities divers should be equipped with:

f) Underwater torch and night signalling device (per diver)
g) Surface marker buoy (SMB)

Diving: Final dive2018-10-22T20:10:59+00:00

Normally the final day of diving consists of 1 or perhaps 2 dives in the morning, in order to allow the vessel to return to port and also allow at least 24 hours before flying. SCUBA DIVERS PLEASE NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT YOU DO NOT DIVE FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE TRAVELLING BY AIR. THIS MAY INVALIDATE YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE IN THE EVENT OF ILLNESS.

Diving: Hanifaru Bay2018-10-22T20:11:36+00:00

From January 2012, diving will no longer be permitted in Hanifaru Bay, only snorkelling will be allowed. This is a Marine Protected Area, snorkeling is regulated with regarding to number of people and length of time snorkeling and requires a fee which will be paid locally.

Diving: Is technical diving allowed in the Maldives?2018-10-22T20:12:06+00:00

Technical diving is not offered on any of our liveaboards in the Maldives because the Maldivian government does not allow decompression diving.

Diving: Itineraries2018-10-22T20:12:38+00:00

We offer a wide range of exciting diving itineraries from the far north to the deep south of the stunning Maldives. We also offer specialty itineraries including our ‘In Focus’ photography and ‘Project Shark’ safaris.

Diving: Minimum Experience2018-10-22T20:13:20+00:00

Diving in the Maldives, especially from liveaboards, is for more experienced divers that are certified to a depth of at least 30 meters and are comfortable with moderate to strong currents. For your comfort, we recommend that divers have a minimum of 30 logged dives for most itineraries. Negative entries and drift dives are to be expected. For southern itineraries the currents tend to be strong and the water is deeper so we recommend that divers have a minimum of 100 logged dives.

Diving: Night Dives2018-10-22T20:14:03+00:00

Night diving in the Maldives is more difficult due to the currents and it is not always possible. In the Central and Northern Maldives, there is often one or two night dives offered per week, at the discretion of the captain and dive guides. In the Southern Maldives, night dives are not possible due to the strong currents.

Diving: Nitrox?2018-10-22T20:14:57+00:00

Nitrox is available on board M/Y blue Voyager and M/V Sea Spirit.

Diving: Rebreathers2018-10-22T20:15:35+00:00

We can usually cater for rebreather divers on board M/Y blue Voyager and M/V Sea Spirit but we must have advanced notice as the extra cylinders and Sofnolime have extremely limited availability.

Diving: Recompression chambers2018-10-22T20:16:09+00:00

There are five recompression chambers are available in Maldives. The largest and longest operating recompression chamber is on Bandos Island (15 minutes by speedboat from Malé). The others are located on Cinnamon Alidhoo Resort, Villingili Resort in Addu, Kuramathi Resort, and Kandholhudhoo Islands.

Diving: Sea temperature2018-10-22T20:16:41+00:00

The Maldives is tropical all year round and water temperatures range from 27°C to 29°C.

Diving: Solo diving2018-10-22T20:17:10+00:00

The Maldivian government (MOT) states that solo diving in the Maldives is prohibited.

Foreign Travel Advice2019-04-23T16:48:57+00:00

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, please visit

The U.S. Department of State website, also has essential travel advice and tips for North Americans.

Luggage storage before your flight home2018-10-22T20:17:42+00:00

Once you have disembarked the liveaboard vessel, you may have some time before your flight home in which you may want to explore the local area. There is the option to store your luggage at Male Airport in a luggage room at the cost of $5 per item or $10 per oversized/heavy item. This can be found by visiting the main information desk in the airport.

Luggage: Hand luggage – what should I pack?2018-10-22T20:18:23+00:00

We recommend that guests bring along any overnight essentials in their hand luggage. This ensures that in case of any unexpected luggage delays, guests will at least have the essentials on hand making any delay far more bearable

M/V Sea Spirit: Alcohol and duty free2018-10-22T20:19:12+00:00

Alcohol is available for purchase on board M/V Sea Spirit, however it is not permitted to bring alcohol into the Maldives so please do not buy any duty free alcohol in the airports.

M/V Sea Spirit: Equipment Hire2018-10-22T20:19:55+00:00

Dive equipement available for hire on board the M/V Sea Spirit includes: BCD, Regulator, Computer, Torch (including batteries), Nitrox fills, 3ltr 100% O2, 130 Bar. 15ltr tank and 3ltr tank – Rebreather are also available for hire on board but must be booked in advance. Please note, wetsuits, mask/fins/snorkel are not available for hire, so please make sure you have your own.

M/V Sea Spirit: Internet2018-10-22T20:20:27+00:00

We do provide limited internet free of charge on board the vessel, whilst the boat is in range. Once all the data has been used on board, we cannot provide any internet services. Alternatively, if you need internet for the whole duration, you can buy a local sim card at the airport for a reasonable price which provides good coverage on board.

M/V Sea Spirit: Payment methods2018-10-22T20:21:07+00:00

Payments on board can be made in US dollars cash or credit / debit cards. We are currently unable to take Switch/Solo/Maestro cards, and travellers cheques are not accepted. Should you have any questions about on board payment methods, please contact your blue o two representative.

M/V Sea Spirit: Plug sockets2018-10-22T20:21:36+00:00

Plug sockets on board the M/V Sea Spirit are standard UK three pin with 220V output. Should you require an adaptor, please inform the crew. However, we recommend that guests bring adaptors with them to ensure that they have one readily available.

M/V Sea Spirit: Smoking2018-10-22T20:22:05+00:00

Smoking is not permitted inside the vessel. This includes electronic cigarettes. We also ask that you do not smoke at meal tables or on the dhoni. Guests wishing to smoke should do so at the stern or upstairs on the sun deck.

M/V Sea Spirit: Tips2018-10-22T20:22:41+00:00

The recommended tip is U$D10 per night spent on board per guest. Tips are greatly appreciated if you feel that you received a great service and can only be paid in cash.

M/V Sea Spirit: Towels and Linen2018-10-22T20:23:24+00:00

Bed sheets and bath towels are provided and changed regularly. However, guests should bring their own beach towels.

M/Y blue Voyager: Alcohol2018-10-22T20:24:05+00:00

Wine, beer and spirits are available for purchase on board. Please be aware that it is illegal to take alcohol into the country so please do not purchase any in duty free.

Most people like to indulge during holidays. There are times however, when alcohol is best avoided. We will not allow guests to dive after consuming alcohol. Therefore, if you are planning to enjoy an afternoon or night dive, we recommend that you avoid alcohol with lunch. Similarly, diving with a hangover can seriously impair your judgement and increase the risk of decompression sickness. If we feel that you are not fit to dive, you will be asked politely to sit out of the morning dive. It is important for you to acknowledge that we will only ever do this to protect your safety. We will not tolerate anti-social or aggressive behaviour on board and individuals who cause a disturbance to other guests may be removed from the vessel.

M/Y blue Voyager: Cabin selection2018-10-22T20:24:34+00:00

Every cabin boasts an en-suite bathroom, A/C with individual controls. Towels will be supplied as well as a beach/diving towel. Bath towels will be changed every 2 – 3 days during your week on safari and beach towels will be changed mid-week.

M/Y blue Voyager: Crew and dive guide gratuities2018-10-22T20:25:12+00:00

The suggested amount for crew and dive guide tips is approximately $15 per guest, per night. Please note that tips can only be accepted in cash and the preferred currency is US Dollars ($).

M/Y blue Voyager: Crew, dive guides and courses2018-10-22T20:25:45+00:00

There will be two dive guides (including Cruise Director) on board to give dive briefings and assist you when required. Crew members will take care of your every need. There is a range of PADI courses available. All courses must be pre-booked, but can be paid for either prior to departure, or on board at the end of your trip.

M/Y blue Voyager: Departure2018-10-22T20:26:17+00:00

Check out on the last day will take place after breakfast, where you will be transferred back to Male airport for your flight home. If you have a late afternoon/evening flight, please contact the sales team on 01752 480808 to discuss options for day use facilities at a local hotel.

M/Y blue Voyager: Drinking water2018-10-22T20:28:53+00:00

We recommend that you do not drink water from the taps on-board since it is only desalinated and not treated. Bottled water can be provided for you to drink, although we suggest you bring your own water bottles to reduce plastic waste on board – please ensure that you stay well hydrated.

M/Y blue Voyager: Entertainment on board2018-10-22T20:29:24+00:00

You will be able to connect devices to your in-cabin TV through a USB cable (cameras, hard drives, etc…). Please ensure you pack your USB cables for your devices. Hard drives loaded with movies are also available on board to use during your stay. While in the common areas, you will be able to connect your devices to our Apple TV through an internal Wi-Fi connection (the signal does not reach the lower decks). View your photos, listen to your music or watch your movies on a giant screen – everything is possible! If you want to stream from our selection of movies while in the common areas, please download the free application called “VLC” (available on Android and IOS) before your departure.

M/Y blue Voyager: Fire safety2018-10-22T20:30:03+00:00

On arrival, always familiarise yourselves with the nearest fire exits to your room, including emergency escape routes and designated muster points – please consult the emergency action plan within your cabin. Please also note where your life jacket and fire extinguisher are located within your cabin. The crew will direct you in an emergency.

M/Y blue Voyager: Internet2018-10-22T20:30:34+00:00

We do provide limited internet free of charge on board the vessel, whilst the boat is in range. Once all the data has been used on board, we cannot provide any internet services. Alternatively, if you need internet for the whole week, you can buy a local sim card at the airport for a reasonable price which provides good coverage on board.

M/Y blue Voyager: Mobile phones2018-10-22T20:31:05+00:00

Please note that there may be no mobile phone reception at certain dive sites on certain itineraries.

M/Y blue Voyager: Nitrox & Equipment2018-10-22T20:31:34+00:00

Nitrox is available on M/Y blue Voyager. There is also a full range of equipment available to hire, however please be aware that the equipment available is limited. To guarantee your equipment requests, please pre-order with us by calling 01752 480808 or email

M/Y blue Voyager: Other drinks2018-10-22T20:32:02+00:00

Tea and coffee are complimentary and soft drinks are available to purchase on board.

M/Y blue Voyager: Payment methods2018-10-22T20:32:30+00:00

The main currency used on board and the preferred currency we are able to accept as cash is $USD. We can accept UK cash, debit cards and all major credit cards with the exception of American Express, however this will be subject to an exchange rate and a surcharge will apply for credit card payments. Please be aware that the chargeable GST tax rate will be added to your on board bill. Currently, this is 12% but may vary at short notice.

M/Y blue Voyager: Plug sockets2018-10-22T20:32:59+00:00

The sockets on board M/Y blue Voyager are the same as in the UK, although some are also designed to take European 2-pin plugs and your cabin boasts a USB charger. There are a limited number of plug adaptors available for use on board if required.

M/Y blue Voyager: Shortie wetsuits2018-10-22T20:34:02+00:00

Yes we do rent these – 3mm shortie wetsuits.

M/Y blue Voyager: Smoking2018-10-22T20:34:30+00:00

Smoking is not permitted inside the vessel. This includes electronic cigarettes. We also ask that you do not smoke at meal tables or on the dhoni. Guests wishing to smoke should do so at the stern or upstairs on the sun deck.

M/Y blue Voyager: Tips2018-10-22T20:35:00+00:00

The suggested amount for crew and dive guide tips is approximately $15 per guest, per night. Please note that tips can only be accepted in cash and the preferred currency would be U$D, although other currencies can be accepted.

M/Y blue Voyager: Water2018-10-22T20:35:27+00:00

Water is a precious commodity so please conserve it as much as possible.

Passports & Visas2019-04-25T12:16:39+00:00

Visa Information

Most nationalities can get a free tourist visa for up to 30 days on arrival in Maldives, provided you hold a valid onward or return ticket and enough funds to cover your stay. Staying for longer than 30 days without the proper authority is an offence. For more details please visit

For further information and advice on entry requirements you should contact the High Commission of the Republic of Maldives in the UK or the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Maldives.

Yellow fever certificate requirements – check whether you need a yellow fever certificate by visiting the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s Travel Health Pro website at

Passport validity

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into the Maldives.

Please visit for the most up to date advice.

Pre-Travel Health Advice2019-04-26T12:00:47+00:00


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have had the required vaccines for the countries you are visiting. Please contact your health adviser or pharmacy, at least 8 weeks prior to departure, for advice if you are unsure which vaccinations you require. We are unable to give specific advice on vaccines or other medical precautions as this information should be provided by a medical professional. Further travel health advice can be found at:

Insect-borne diseases

Take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitos and other insects, see

Severe allergies

If you have a severe allergy, please inform us before you travel.