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Papua New Guinea Liveaboards2019-04-23T16:36:23+01:00
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While some batteries may be available to purchase on board, please bring extras if your personal dive equipment may require a unique size. Because of the remote locations in which our vessels operate, there is limited or no access to battery recycling facilities. To help us with responsible tourism we kindly request you bring home your own spent batteries to be recycled or disposed of properly. Alternatively, consider using rechargeable batteries as there are plenty of sockets to plug in a charger on board.

General Foreign Travel Advice2020-02-04T06:55:21+00:00

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, please visit

The U.S. Department of State website, also has essential travel advice and tips for North Americans.

Passports & Visas2019-04-12T13:17:33+01:00

Visa Information

Visas are required to visit Papua New Guinea (PNG). Many tourists are able to get a visa on arrival free of charge at Port Moresby’s Jacksons International Airport and Rabaul (Tokua) International Airport. The visa on arrival is available to nationals of the EU, UK, US, Canada and most other Western countries and is valid for single entry with a stay limit of 30 days.  Australians may be required to apply for a visa before entry into Papua New Guinea.

For further information and to check eligibility for visa on arrival, please visit

It is always suggested to check with the nearest embassy or consulate if you have any question regarding entry requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: If your first port of entry into Papua New Guinea is NOT one of the two international airports listed above, you must apply for a tourist visa in advance. This applies to the ‘Solomons and PNG Navigator’ itinerary when the direction of travel is from Solomon Islands (port of Munda) to Papua New Guinea (port of Rabaul).

We highly recommend obtaining a visa for PNG online before departure, as it is an easy and quick process. Visit and choose Visitor and Easy Visitor Permit – 60 day.

Proof of onward travel

You should be in possession of printed copy of a return or onward ticket.

Passport Validity

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months beyond the period that you intend to stay in Papua New Guinea.

Transit Through Australia

International flights to the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea may route via Australia. If your connection time is longer than 8 hours, or you wish to extend and stay in Australia for several days, you will need a transit visa or a visitor visa. Certain passport holders including all EU nationals do not need a transit visa, if they depart from Australia within 8 hours of the scheduled time of arrival, they hold confirmed onward booking and documentation necessary to enter the country of their destination, and they remain at the airport. For further information please speak to the nearest Australian embassy or consulate or visit:

Please visit for the most up to date advice.

PNG Coronavirus Advisory2020-03-16T05:02:35+00:00
The Papua New Guinea Ministry for Immigration and Border Security have imposed a travel ban on all nationalities travelling from Wuhan of Hebei Province in China. Furthermore, any persons who have been in China, or other affected countries in the 14 days prior to travelling are not to be permitted to board flights to PNG until they have been medically cleared by a reputable clinic or hospital based on WHO standards.
Furthermore, The Ministry for Immigration and Border Security have ordered all sea ports around PNG to refuse entry to all cargo and passenger vessels.
Further details and the latest updates can be found on the PNG Immigration website:
Please bear these restrictions on mind when planning your travel.
Pre-Travel Health: General Advice2020-02-11T05:25:23+00:00


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have had the required vaccines for the countries you are visiting. Please contact your health adviser or pharmacy, at least 8 weeks prior to departure, for advice if you are unsure which vaccinations you require. We are unable to give specific advice on vaccines or other medical precautions as this information should be provided by a medical professional. Further travel health advice can be found at:

Insect-borne diseases

Take appropriate precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitos and other insects, see

Severe allergies

If you have a severe allergy, please inform us before you travel.

Pre-Travel Health: Measles prevention2020-02-04T07:18:34+00:00

Effective from 13th December 2019, the Solomon Islands Government have issued a Travel Advisory in response to recent measles outbreaks across the Asia Pacific region.

Commencing 14th December 2019, all passengers entering the Solomon Islands are required to complete a health declaration form regarding immunisation against/exposure to measles. The forms will be made available at check-in counters and on board your flight.

From 28th December 2019 onwards, all non-residents entering the Solomon Islands who are arriving from measles-affected countries including American Samoa, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, Australia, New Zealand and Philippines (including transit through these countries) will be required to provide certified proof that they have been vaccinated against measles at least 15 days prior to their date of arrival.

Accepted proof of vaccination include:

  1. Internal Certification of Vaccination (yellow card).
  2. Any official documentation/ letter from a recognised hospital or medical practitioner confirming that the holder has been vaccinated against measles.
  3. Blood test results showing positive for measles antibodies which indicates immunity to measles.

Please note: failure to provide proof of vaccination will result in being placed into a 21-day quarantine period on arrival in Solomon Islands, or deportation. 

A copy of the Solomon Islands Government Travel Advisory can be downloaded here.

The latest advisories from the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health & Medical Services can be found on the Travel Advice page of Solomon Airlines website.

Travel: Do I need a visa to travel via Australia?2019-10-02T07:04:34+01:00

If your flight connection time in Australia is longer than 8 hours, or you wish to extend and stay in the country for several days, you will need a transit visa, visitor visa or ETA, depending on your travel plans and itinerary.

For further information or to check the requirements for your planned itinerary, please contact your nearest Australian embassy or consulate, or refer to the visa section of the Australian immigration website: