Five Reasons Why Liveaboard Diving is the Best Way to Dive

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27 June, 2022 1042 Views

The Best Diving Experiences
In The World…

…and you hardly have to lift a finger or fin to achieve them.

Five Reasons Why Liveaboard Diving is the Best Way to Dive.

Scuba diving can be one of the most wonderful sports in the world. One dive you can be admiring the beauty of an underwater wreck, immersed in its history and treasures. The same day, during the next dive you can be surrounded by a real-life aquarium, with animals every colour of the rainbow. Achieving this is easy if you know how…

Scuba diver swimming toward liveaboard boat

So let’s be honest, planning ahead for any diving trip can be challenging. And then there are the logistics on the day. You know, the long journey to the shoreline from the carpark via some steep steps; and when you have to get your fins on, on a pebbly beach, facing away from the driving wind? Then there’s the journey to get a cylinder refill. These things can make a diving trip more hassle than it is worth.

There is a different way, enjoyed by many thousands of divers each year… A way you can enjoy both the serenity and challenge of diving whilst removing the hassle of planning and suffering the in-between bits on the day.

That answer is liveaboard diving holidays. We could easily fill a logbook on why liveaboard diving offers some of the best experiences in the world. Instead, to save your precious time, we have narrowed it down to five reasons.

1. Excellent value for money

Who doesn’t love value for money? Organising a diving trip on your own can be costly. In most cases, you have to pay for your hotel, transport, food, equipment hires and diving separately. These things can add up, leaving the most passionate divers wishing they’d taken up snorkelling at their local beach instead.

One of the most attractive aspects of liveaboard diving is just how cost-effective it is. Liveaboard holidays include all your dives, accommodation and meals. These dives will be in some of the most exotic sites that the world has to offer. You also get your air refills, meals, snacks and drinks all included in the cost. To give you an idea of prices, holidays with us start from as little as £550. With deals like that, who could say no?

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2. More dives each day

If you love scuba diving as much as us then you too will want to make the most of being in the water. With 3-4 dives a day you’ll have plenty of time to explore the beauties of the underwater world.

An itinerary could look something like this: a refreshing, early morning dive with the waking fish to start your day, a mid-morning channel dive to build your appetite for lunch, an exciting wreck dive in the afternoon and an adrenaline-fuelled night dive with nurse sharks to finish off your evening. Who doesn’t love having more dives, more locations, and more experiences all in one day?

Two scuba divers exploring vibrant reef in the maldives

3. Pristine dive sites

The more accessible a dive spot is the more divers you’ll usually find in your way. Too many divers gathered in one area can result in poorer visibility and a scarcity of wildlife. These things combined can impact the enjoyment of your diving experience. Nobody wants to go on a diving holiday just to see two fish and a face full of sand.

Many of the sites we take our customers to are only accessible by liveaboard boats. The result of this is that dive sites are pristine and full of undisturbed species for you to share your dive with.

With multiple dives a day there is plenty for you to explore. We offer these trips around the world and specialise in Egypt and the Maldives. In fact, one of our vessels in Egypt has won multiple industry awards – voted for by customers.

You can discover the various worldwide, diving sites that we offer by visiting:

4. Hassle-Free Diving

At the start of this article, we mentioned the serenity of diving. The joy that comes once you have submerged yourself in the water. It is just a shame that these things usually come after walking down two flights of steps with a 30-pound cylinder on your back. Most divers will agree that diving’s downsides take place above the water.

Thankfully, liveaboards save you from these challenges. On our boats, our crew help you get out of the water. If you want them to, they will also help to remove your fins and your cylinder. We make sure you don’t have to lift a single finger before or after your dive (unless it is to eat one of our complimentary snacks or drinks).

You’ll also wake up on top of or very near your next dive site. Plus, being on a liveaboard boat takes away the hassle of getting between site locations. You can relax in plush surroundings, whilst your crew navigates to your next inspirational experience.

5. Comfortable and flexible surroundings

If you’ve ever tried to peel a wet suit off, you’ll know how awkward it can be. Even when you do finally get comfortable, with shore-based diving, you have to start planning your next dive. If you have multiple dives a day then this can get tiring. We ensure you enjoy your fourth dive as much as your first. Wouldn’t it be better to spend time between dives relaxing? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time talking to your buddy about the experience that you just shared instead?

Liveaboards are designed to make your time out of the water as memorable as your time within it. Whether you are swimming with a whale shark after your lunch or sitting on a spacious deck, sipping a cocktail and admiring the sunset, the whole experience is designed to be easy and comfortable. Can you think of anything better than falling asleep listening to the sounds of the sea; drifting off in a remote corner of the world? Waking up on top of your next dive site? We would be hard-pressed to.

Side view of a scuba diving boat at sunset

There you have it. Our deep dive into why liveaboards offer some of the best scuba experiences in the world. If you would like to discover more about our liveaboard holidays then you can do so by asking us any questions on our enquiry form or simply call us on +44 1752 480808.  Lines are open Monday – Saturday, 9am – 5pm BST.

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