Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Experience, The Bahamas

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12 January, 2021 3485 Views
Natalie Newton Marketing Master Liveaboards

Name: Natalie Newton
Job title: Marketing Consultant
Itinerary: Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Experience
Destination: Bahamas

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If you love sharks, then who wouldn’t want to go diving in the Bahamas? 

With the largest area of protected waters and known for the best visibility on earth, with an abundance of sharks, it is somewhere not to be missed.  On this itinerary you will experience the best of the West End of Grand Bahama Island.  You can expect to see lots of sharks, including hammerheads, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks and even bull sharks. And for those who want to see more than just the sharks you can also experience traditional reef and wall dives and where possible sunset and night dives. 

“I have always wanted to dive in the Bahamas. It’s a dream of mine to experience the crystal clear water and some of the largest ocean predators. 

The shallow waters at Tiger Beach give you the chance to be really up close and personal with a variety of shark species. I’ve heard a lot about the stingrays too so I’d love to see those. There is always something to be excited about seeing in the Bahamas.”

Natalie Newton, Website Manager

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Bahamas Master Liveaboards

If you love sharks! The stellar guides will leave you with a new look on shark behaviour and make you appreciate their vital role in our ecosystem. Can’t recommend this trip enough.

Diving Nigel from Leicester

Scuba Tribe

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love The Bahamas

“It is the vast species of shark that appeals to me.” Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Experience, The Bahamas

Michelle Allen
Product Development
Blue O Two

“Sharks! Sharks! And more sharks!  This is for the shark lover.” Tiger Beach Experience, The Bahamas

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“The protected waters and amazing visibility means you see more marine life!”. Tiger Beach Experience, The Bahamas

Nick Jones
Blue O Two

“Such a magical experience, surrounded by the nicest people.” Tiger Beach Experience, The Bahamas

Claire Moorcraft
Marketing Executive
Blue O Two

Bahamas Alex Covelli

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Hammerhead and Tiger Shark Experience

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