How Desperate Divers Get Their Fix During Lockdown

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27 January, 2021 1254 Views


How desperate divers get their fix during lockdown will make your day. You can’t seem to go online anymore without seeing a funny meme or quote. We can see right now more than ever, why this is the case.  Quick humour brightens up any day, and gives us the ability to escape the stress and monotony of life during lockdown. 

Lockdown has given most of us more time at home so this got us thinking… What lengths have our divers gone to, to get their diving fix? 

Whilst the UK and other parts of the world are still in lockdown, some haven’t been able to blow bubbles for a while, and have gone to extreme lengths to their gear on. 

After calling on our lovely Facebook followers to cheer us up, we wanted to share some of our top seven desperate diver images.  We hope they make you laugh as much did us. 

Number 7

Heather Hulme seen here, flying the flag for her diving club – Red Dragon Divers. We salute her for her hot tub efforts – Proving you can get your fix anywhere, anytime, even if it’s a bit of a squeeze.
Diving in Hot Tub

Number 6

Darrell Lee is practicing his photography skills. We have to give him credit for his effort and dedication.  It would be interesting to see how the pictures turned out, may even be one of his finest.
TV Diver

Number 5

Elizabeth Farrer making the most of wine o’clock and has found a good place to truly enjoy it – her empty pond.

Diving Pond

Number 4

Debbie Macleod making the most of the English weather. We spy a pool behind her, and are hoping she dived right in for a spot of snorkelling.  Every little helps keep the diver inside us content.

Red Sea Coral Reef

Number 3

Cleopatra Browne perfecting her skills in her pool. In this case, size really doesn’t matter.   

Paddling Pool Diving

Number 2

Oliver Chappell, really knows how to make the most of this HMS trailer. Bit of lining and he’s all set for a spot of diving. We admire his creativity.

Truck Diving

Number 1

Steve Michaels showing us a great place to wind down after a long day of juggling home-schooling and working from home. We are also loving the dog and bone choice of attire. We award you Steve, as our most desperate diver.


Thanks for taking the time to view ‘How Desperate divers got their fix during lockdown’. We hope they’ve made you smile as much as we did whilst selecting them. 

Here at Blue O Two, we also have a serious side. We’ve been dedicating some of our time helping with beach clean ups all around the world.  We know how important our oceans are to each and every one of you. How the knowledge you gain as divers through your experiences, helps us all learn how we can protect and help our oceans. Thanks for all your dedication and support. 

If you would like to start planning your next diving experience when we all can to feel the magic of actual scuba diving, why not check out ourwebsite?  You’ll also find lots of inspiration  from our 21 Itineraries for 2021. Packed full of itineraries which our staff really think you should dive and why. 

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