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18 October, 2019 1108 Views

Important Red Sea update

The Red Sea is one of the seven underwater wonders of the world and a much-loved Blue O Two diving destination.

Over the next few weeks and months, we are making three big changes to our current Red Sea operations.

This is due to the introduction of a new local sales tax of 14% on every transaction and the removal of substantial fuel subsidies. In addition, following the demise of Thomas Cook, there is now a shortage of flights in the market to the Red Sea.

With all of these factors combined, the operating costs in the Red Sea have increased significantly, which has sparked these upcoming changes:


1. Onboard Extras

Due to a new local sales tax, it means that any onboard extras paid in resort will incur an additional charge of 14%, which will come into effect on 1st November 2019. If you pre-book and pre-pay for your onboard extras before you depart, this tax can be avoided.

If you have an upcoming Red Sea trip with us and require any onboard extras, please speak to one of our travel team as soon as possible.

2. Dynamic Packages

We are now advertising all of our Red Sea trips as boat-only packages, with flights as an optional extra, to align the Red Sea with our other 13 destinations.

Fortunately, this allows for better flexibility with flights, meaning you can pick and choose your departure airport and flight route.

You can also add exciting extensions and cultural tours in Egypt that fit around your travel dates.

3. M/Y Blue Fin

On 10th January 2020 M/Y Blue Fin will be removed from operation in the Red Sea. This decision was made based on increased costs, commercial viability and an undersupply of flights in the market. Any guests with upcoming trips booked aboard this vessel should now have been contacted with suggested alternative travel arrangements where possible.


Flight Booking Changes:

In addition to the changes above, we are also modifying how we book flights.

Any flights booked will now require a full up-front payment at the time of booking, accompanied by the traveller’s name as per passport details and flight ticketing fee payable as follows:

£50 – Economy Class
£75 – Premium Economy Class
£100 – Business Class
£200 – First Class

Please note, any customers who have existing bookings with full packages inclusive of flights will be honoured as originally invoiced, and will not be subject to the new flight ticketing fee.


Our Free Space policies:

Good news; we are continuing to offer free space policies for group bookings in all our destinations. Deals for each vessel are the following:

M/V Bahamas Master:
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

M/V French Polynesia Master:
8 + 1 FOC, 16 + 2 FOC and 22 + 3 FOC

M/V Galapagos Master:
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

M/V Solomons PNG Master:
9 + 1 FOC and 18 + 2 FOC

M/Y Blue Voyager:
5 + 1 FOC, 10 + 2 FOC, 15 + 3 FOC and 20 + 4 FOC

M/V Blue Spirit:
5 + 1 FOC and 10 + 2 FOC

M/Y Blue Horizon:
7 + 1 FOC, 14 + 2 FOC and 21 + 3 FOC

M/Y Blue Melody:
7 + 1 FOC, 14 + 2 FOC and 21 + 3 FOC

M/Y Blue Adventurer:
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

S/Y Indo Siren:
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

S/Y Palau Siren:
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

S/Y Philippine Siren:
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

S/Y The Junk:
8 + 1 FOC and 16 + 2 FOC

S/Y The Phinisi:
8 + 1 FOC and 16 + 2 FOC

M/Y Truk Master (Truk Lagoon):
7 + 1 FOC and 14 + 2 FOC

M/Y Truk Master (Bikini Atoll):
11 + 1 FOC

All free space policies are now applicable to boat-only rates, and no longer include flights. Please also note that your Loyalty Club Discount will no longer be applicable to flights or ticketing fees.

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Photo Credits:
Header – Simon Lorenz