Life needs escapism – a statement from our Directors

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15 March, 2020 800 Views
Life needs escapism – a distraction and relief from the mundanities and challenges of life. Those of us who are SCUBA divers know how much it can provide that escapism. In fact, we created a company around our love of diving. It’s been a journey of many highs. And more recently, some significant lows – none of our own making.
Covid-19 is presenting us with the greatest challenge in 17 years of trading. Having said that, our commitment to our customers remains at the heart of everything we do. For starters, wherever possible, we are working with our suppliers to ensure the vessels sail on their scheduled date. And to prevent the spread of infection, our hygiene precautions remain of the highest standards.
We have also made significant changes to our Ts and Cs. Many people have been delighted with the change to new bookings. Our money back guarantee for cancellations on new bookings between 9th March and 30th April has gone down well. One customer commented that it’s the way he would have expected us to behave, as an ethical company.
For existing bookings, we will honour monies paid if you can’t travel due to Coronavirus. These are very favourable terms within diving and within the travel industry. Yet, not everyone sees it that way – there have been comments on the ‘fairness’ of this approach. To be honest, we understand your frustration.
However, our decisions are made with very broad considerations. What do we mean by this? Well, the World travel and Tourism Council estimates up to 50m people working in the travel industry will be affected directly by this global pandemic. Our staff and partners are not escaping this wave of uncertainty. Any decisions we make commercially around this situation are in the best interest of both our customers and our staff.
One of our core pillars is ‘One team, being the best we can be’. We know we have world class staff. Without them we would not be able to offer you the sort of holidays you enjoy with us. So, we ask you for patience and consideration as we work through is very difficult period. Whilst our main priority is to get people on holiday, we can only do that if we have staff to service those holidays.
We value the support of our customers above all else. We acknowledge our company wouldn’t exist without you. And many of you come back to us time and time again. We thank you for your continued support.
Jason, Mark & Nathan