Malapascua and Visayas, Philippines

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11 February, 2021 3632 Views
Alex Sales & Reservations Manager

Name: Alex Whitely-Wilson
Job title: Sales & Reservations Manager
Itinerary: Malapascua and Visayas – 10 nights
Destination: Philippines

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With over 7,000 islands, surrounded by deep blue seas that contain some of the richest marine life on earth. The Philippines is a lure for any avid diver.  There is so much variety, allowing you to experience the beautiful regions of Malapascua and Visayas. 

With up to 33 dives, including the chance of possibly a sunset and a night dive too.  The island is well known for its long white sand beaches, surrounded by tropical palms and a small number of hamlets.  Divers will be wide-eyed by the lush coral gardens, radiant walls, fascinating macro and jaw dropping encounters with bigger marine life such as sharks and manta rays. 

As recommended by our Sales Manager, Alex Whitely-Wilson, this is an itinerary not to be missed, as Alex really knows his stuff. 

The Philippines offers an incredible variety of diving – muck, wreck, reef, wall and blue water dives are all there to be explored. The Malapascua & Southern Visayas itinerary takes you to some of the best spots these waters have to offer.  Visit the resident thresher sharks at Mala Pascua and marvel at this normally shy species as they come within a few metres of your mask.  Dive into the clear waters of Oslob surrounded by whalesharks and be amazed as millions of sardines turn day into night in the waters around Moalboal.  All of these incredible, high octane dives are then complimented with some beautiful muck diving and critters hunts around Dumaguete where you can find mandarin fish, juvenile batfish, seahorses, mantis shrimp, wonderpus octopus, blue-ring octopus, harlequin shrimp, flamboyant cuttlefish and my personal favourite, the bobtail squid.  Such is the variety of diving in the Philippines, this is an itinerary you will want to do again and again.”

Alex Whitley-Wilson, Sales & Reservations Manager

Amazing diving on an amazing boat with the most incredible crew.


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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love the Philippines

“The Philippines is so beautiful, and the people are so friendly.” Malapascua and Visayas, Philippines

James Evans
Sales Manager
Master Liveaboards

“The Philippines is the idea of paradise for me personally. You can’t really beat it!” Malapascua and Visayas, Philippines

Cherie Kilvington
Sales Representative
Blue O Two

“This place is most definitely on my bucket-list. It’s all about the thresher sharks.” Malapascua and Visayas, Philippines

Nick Jones
Head of Design
Blue O Two

“I’m a sea slug lover! Philippines is a great place for Nudi’s”. Malapascua and Visayas, Philippines

Melanie Hicks
Office Assistant
Master Liveaboards

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