Maldives – Recent Sightings

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25 April, 2019 1634 Views

Maldives – Recent sightings


We have had another great month of diving in the Maldives. Our recent sightings have included loads of mantas, 5 different species of sharks as well as huge schools of jacks and tunas. Small creature lovers also found their happiness with sightings of nudibranch, pipefish and porcelain crabs. Famed for the white sandy beaches, turquoise blue lagoons and diverse coral reefs, the Maldivian waters boast a truly spectacular marine ecosystem. See below for the full breakdown of last month’s sightings.



North Male Atoll

Home of the best known and explored dive sites in the Maldives, North Male is diving heaven. Colourful coral, mantas and wrecks. There is something for divers of all levels.

• Diving: Reef and drift dives.
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Blacktip sharks, batfish, morays, lionfish, nudibranch, manta rays, white tip sharks, white mouth moray, octopus, Napoleon wrasses, groupers, stonefish, eagle ray, pink whip ray, sea turtles, grey reef sharks, blue-lined snappers, juvenile nurse shark and octopus.


South Male Atoll

Famous for its 6 channels, South Male Atoll is best for divers who enjoy thrilling drift dives in the channels, shark action and large pelagics.

• Diving: Reef and drift dives
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: White tip sharks, black tip sharks, hawksbill and green turtles, shoal of black snappers, school sweetlips, moray, long nose hawkfish, tuna, trevally, clown fish, scorpion fish, mantis shrimp, fusiliers, trevally, network pipefish, octopus, moray eels, pink whip rays, shoal of bannerfish, shoal of red big eyes soldierfish, boxfish, trumpet fish and Napoleon.


Rasdhoo Atoll

A Maldives legend, Rasdhoo’s isolated and deep waters have become the perfect place for sharks and other species to mature. Explore its deep reef walls home of big pelagics and schooling fish.

• Diving: Drift dives
• Current: Strong
• Sightings: Grey reef shark, white tip shark, Napoleon, jacks, batfish, turtles, mobula rays, feather tail rays, porcupine ray, school of black snappers, school of oriental sweetlips, grey reef sharks, black tip, white tip sharks, school of eagle rays, leaf fish, a baby white tip of 30cm, jacks, batfish, leaf fish, nudibranch, devil ray and a school of blue fins trevallies.


Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll is a pelagic wonderland. Its pinnacles and channels are perfect for exciting drift dives and huge fish aggregations.

• Diving: Reef and drift Dives
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Mantas, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, silvertip sharks, school of humpback snappers, cuttlefish, turtles, squat shrimp, golden trevallies, clown fish, boxfish, eagle rays, school of snappers, sweetlips, school of blue line snapper, groupers, moray eels, Napoleon wrasses, octopus, porcelain crab, peacock mantis shrimp, cleaner shrimps, phantom butterfly fish and pink whip rays.

Ghost pipefish in the Maldives


Vaavu Atoll

Renowned for its thrilling drift dives and great marine diversity, this beautiful atoll is perfect for adventurous divers.

• Diving: Reef and drift dives
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Nurse sharks, pink whip rays, giant trevallies, rabbitfish, grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, tunas hunting, honeycomb morays, spinner dolphins, baby grey reef sharks, school of barracudas and jacks, school of bannerfish, starry puffers, porcupine fish, school of snappers, school of spotted emperor, giant trevally, school of rabbitfish, lionfish, eagle rays, snappers, scribbled puffer fish and hawksbill turtle.

Customer Feedback

• “I had an amazing time. All the crew were very helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. ” Benita Hiley
• “Dive guides outstanding. Albert and Sophie worked hard to meet all divers needs and requests. Dive briefings were detailed and thorough. Highest quality of food of any liveaboard I have ever been on.” Robert Sutherland
• “Sophie and Albert were fantastic. Really helpful, courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, and always with a smile. They really did make the trip a great experience.” Anonymous


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