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19 April, 2021 4073 Views
Staff Claire Moorcraft

Name: Claire Moorcraft
Job title: Digital Marketing Executive, Blue O Two
Itinerary: Manta Trust Expedition: Far North
Destination: Maldives 

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The Manta Trust Expedition is a must-see in this picture-perfect paradise. It’s a small archipelagic state in South Asia, situated in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean.  The Indian monsoon currently sweeps through the islands. This moves nutrients through the islands creating the most superb environment for an abundance of extensive coral reefs and amazing marine life.  Maldives Manta Trust Expedition is highly recommended by us, read on to find out why. 

On this itinerary, you can expect to see mantas, black and whitetip reef sharks, giant trevallies, colourful nudibranchs, and possibly a whale shark around Baa Atoll. You will be diving in fringing reefs and submerged thalis, dotted with caves and overhangs.  

Most importantly this itinerary has been timed to coincide with the most productive monsoon winds and lunar currents. These strongly influence the movements and feeding habits of reef manta rays. We draw on the expert knowledge of Manta Trust experts to help find these feeding aggregations. This allows you to immerse yourself in a feeding frenzy of these gentle giants. 

You will venture all the way to the rarely visited northernmost atolls of the Maldives. There you’ll search for understudied manta populations and dive into some of the most untouched reefs the country has to offer. This trip is designed especially for adventurers looking for something new and rarely offered in the Maldives. 

Whether you’re a diver looking for adventure, a keen underwater photographer or you have a thirst for understanding our oceans, this is the trip for you as you will be spoilt for choice.

Hear what Claire has to say…

When I think of the Maldives I think of the glossy pictured magazines with white sandy beaches, coral reefs, clear warm waters and rich in marine life. I also have a keen interest in the natural world, and how natural events are influenced by changes in our environment. That is why I have chosen the Manta Trust ExpeditionThis for me would be my dream itinerary.  

The cherry on top would be to swim with a whale shark, which is possible in the Maldives. It also sounds idyllic to be bobbing around in the ocean on the beautiful Blue Voyager. I would be the first in the Jacuzzi after a busy day swimming, followed by cocktails on the sun deck.

This trip offers everything to make you really feel like you have escaped from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I have also heard that the food is amazing, and the crew are first classAll round this is the itinerary for me.” 

Claire Moorcraft, Digital Marketing Executive, Blue O Two

Central Atolls Maldives Blue O Two

“My best Maldives liveaboard trip so far. This was the 5th and the best boat, crew, dive sites and animal encounters.” 

Marko Dragoljevic 

April 2021 

See what others have said…

With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love the Maldives

“My first manta and whale shark sightings made this an incredible trip.” Far South, Maldives

Michelle Allen
Product Development
Blue O Two

“I just love the variation of dives, white sand and blue sea.” Best of Central Atolls, Maldives

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“I absolutely loved this trip!” Best of the Maldives

Nick Jones
Blue O Two

“The most idyllic destination, this would be my dream”. Best of the Maldives

Sue Biddle
Finance Manager
Blue O Two

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21 itineraries for 2021
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