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25 January, 2021 286 Views

Love struck couple get married, within 24 hours after the proposal, aboard the Galapagos Master, at 0000 latitude, in the Galapagos Islands.

Master Liveaboards have rushed to the aid of a love-struck couple onboard the Galapagos Master.  The couple were enjoying a liveaboard SCUBA diving trip in the Galapagos Islands.  When Elizabeth Guthrie decided to propose to her partner Keith Skillin, under the famous Darwin’s Arch, he was quick to say yes.  Wanting to make the most out of their idyllic setting, they decided to get married, onboard the very next day.

With the help of the Galapagos Master crew, they were able to set up the most beautiful wedding setting anyone could dream for.  The Master Liveaboard’s talented Dive Guide, Juan Carlos, made souvenir matching rings, (as seen in the pics) and they were married by the boat’s Captain, at the Ecuadorian line at latitude 0000.

There could be fewer more romantic settings.   The ceremony was held on the top deck, with stunning views all around them.  Following the ceremony, the happy couple and guests celebrated with a wedding cake, champagne and a delicious three course meal, all prepared onboard the Galapagos Master, with only 24 hours’ notice.

Both Elizabeth and Keith were overwhelmed at how the crew rallied together to make it a dream wedding – one to remember forever.  So much so they wanted to share their story.

Elizabeth explains about her memories of joy and happiness from the day:

“We initially just thought the Captain would do the paperwork for us. It’s long days for the divers, and way longer days for the crew. We knew how much they were working and didn’t want to add anything to their already full plates. Little did we know that they had hatched a plan and were arranging for us to get married right on the equator. The cocinera (cook), Alexis, spent a few days making an incredible wedding cake. Since there were no fresh flowers aboard he cut up apples and dyed them in beet juice so they looked like roses — but tasted much better! The machinist, Juan Valencia, made us wedding rings from brass pipe that he shaped and we will no doubt keep for the rest of our life.

Xavier and the Captain drove us back to the equator after a very long day. The crew brought up tanks and linen two flights of stairs to make a wedding aisle, and even brought our BCDs! After the ceremony the crew served up fresh, homemade pina coladas and appetizers, we all danced to meringue and salsa, and then sat down to another fantastic dinner. That night we went back to the room to find a bottle of wine, chocolates, a note from the crew and some very snazzy swan-shaped towels. How did they find the time?!

Throughout the trip it was clear that the crew all worked together to make the diver’s experience the best possible. They were all so enthusiastic and helpful, from assisting us with our wetsuits (hey – 7mm is no joke) to cleaning up the glass on the dinghy when Liz accidentally stepped on her mask. We really feel like we lucked out with this great group of people! Our only regret is that we didn’t practice speaking Spanish before our trip! 

Natalia, the senior dive lead, was an incredible diver and knowledge source. We can’t wait to see what she will do in the Galapagos! Daniel was always positive, enthusiastic, and tuned in with the divers he was leading. We felt so safe with both leads and are thankful to have had them on the crew.”

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As Travel Operators, Blue O Two and Master Liveaboards worked closely with Bluewater Travel to arrange the trip of a lifetime for Elizabeth and Keith.

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