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15 December, 2020 3498 Views
Blue O Two Staff

Name: Alyson Tyler
Job title: Managing Director
Itinerary: Master the Galapagos
Destination: Galapagos 

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Our Galapagos itineraries feature some of the most spectacular pelagic diving on the planet. One of those rare places you can dive through hundreds of hammerhead sharks to find a whale shark cruising along too.  It’s no wonder that our very own Managing Director, Alyson Tyler, even with all her experience has chosen this as her favourite itinerary.  Here is what Alyson has to say about her adventures in the Galapagos.

‘What a wonderful place the Galapagos is! How fortunate I feel to have been able to dive there. The sealions were a total surprise under the water – playful, inquisitive and elegant. I fell in love with them. One even came to hang out with us as we held on to a small rocky outcrop, waiting for the mola mola family to pass. That was a cold dive but SO worth it. The mola mola glided past on their regular daily commute, seemingly oblivious to our presence. The sharks were astonishing – at one point we lay very close to a white sandy eel garden and watched as a huge number of enormous hammerheads passed in front of us, one by one. They almost skimmed the bottom, following each other almost perfectly – it was like single lane freeway for hammerheads. We were spoilt with sharks actually. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one as beautiful as the Silky which came to say hello during our safety stop. The Galapagos shark was also a real treat. Majestic Eagle rays, tuna glistening and flitting away as quickly as they had appeared, marine iguanas, a blue whale during one of our crossings… It really was a magical place. What a privilege to have been there.’ 

Alyson Tyler, Managing Director 

Galapagos Diving

“Galapagos is an amazing dive destination. The dive deck, lounge, and other common areas were very nice.  The food was great. The cook accommodated our vegan food request and pleasantly surprised us with a wide variety of creative dishes.”

Jessica, Trip Advisor

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love The Galapagos

“This would be my dream.” Master the Galapagos

Natalie Newton
Marketing Representative
Master Liveaboards

“Seeing hammerheads in their hundreds would be a dream come true.” Master the Galapagos

Dean Osbourne
Marketing Manager
Master Liveaboards

“Mind blowing world class diving, totally inspirational in every way.” Master the Galapagos

Nathan Tyler
Blue O Two

“Hammerheads, hammerheads, hammerheads.” Master the Galapagos

Kerry Allen
Sales & Reservations

Galapagos Islands

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