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25 May, 2022 1714 Views

“Absolutely amazing!” “THE BEST.” “Fantastic Hosts.” “Very friendly. Outstanding job.”*

With reviews like these, it’s fair to say Oliver and Carmen have been two of our guests’ favourites in Egypt. It would be incredibly sad if you read in isolation, they were packing their bags and leaving Egypt. In fact, we would hear the cries of anguish from across the globe. Although this is true, don’t despair!

These fabulous Cruise Directors are starting new adventures, leading Blue Voyager in the Maldives from August 2022.

We asked them a few questions about their past memories, present thoughts and future hopes.

Tell us a bit about your background.

[Oliver] As you know we are a married CD [Cruise Director] couple, and we met each other 10 years ago as guests on a liveaboard trip in the Red Sea.

[Carmen] I was born in Switzerland and started my diving career in 2010. I dived in Switzerland in the cold lakes, where I did my OWD and got addicted to be underwater. Even though it was freezing! I speak English and German. I understand Spanish and French.

[Oliver] I was born in Germany. I was a Master-Carpenter there, with my own business. I started diving in 2000 in Germany and knew from the first moment, that this is the only way to be free in mind and soul.

[Carmen] Both of us continued our diving education in our own countries (Oliver did his TEC education up to TX Adv) and we both went on liveaboard trips in the Red Sea.  We both loved the beauty of the Red Sea and diving in this fantastic ocean. So it was just a question of time when we would meet each other…In 2012 we met each other on a trip and felt in love. I continued my education and got TEC certificates to be able to discover the depth of the Red Sea as a buddy team with Oliver.

[Oliver] The love for each other and the love of diving got stronger and stronger, so we decided to start a new life together. We did our Instructor education, followed by a year working in an Egyptian dive center in Marsa Alam.

How and why did you become Cruise Directors?

[Oliver] We did around about 15 liveaboard trips as guests. You can imagine, that this a different world to diving in the dive center. We found we needed the adventures and the offshore diving. During all the trips done as guests, we got the impression that this could be our life.

So our career as CDs on liveaboards in the Red Sea got started.

Which are your favourite dive sites in the Red Sea?

[Oliver] We have been diving in the Red Sea from North to South in all these years. We found and discovered a hell of a lot dive sites.

And as often we dived them, we didn’t get tired of them. We enjoyed every single possibility to show our guests all the underwater life and all the hidden secrets of the Red Sea.

[Carmen] We love all the dive sites, but as a special and most beloved dive site here in the Red Sea, we would mention…

Little Brother. For us this is the dive site where everything could happen. We love the cleaning station in the north, where the big fishes come for cleaning, or the stunning beauty of the gorgonian fan coral forest in the south.

How do you feel about moving to the Maldives?

[Carmen] Now we get the chance to start a new way in Maldives and are totally excited (and a bit nervous), to bring all our passion of diving and guest service as CDs for Blue O Two to the Maldives. Discovering the dive sites and sharing the adventures of diving with our guests is one of the greatest feelings. We are looking forward to it.

[Oliver] Everything will be new and we truly will start with a great new adventure. 1000s of thoughts are running in our heads and we can’t wait to jump out of the airplane in Male…. It will be a small step for a human, but a big step for Carmen and me.

[Carmen] Meeting new people and cultures, finding new friends, discovering and getting common with new dive sites, and to be hosts for a lot of new guests will be a new life adventure for us. We can’t wait!

What will you miss about Egypt?

[Oliver] For sure we leave Egypt with a teary eye, because we are leaving a beautiful destination, dive sites and friends. BUT the other eye is full of stars… It’s always not easy, leaving somewhere you love and going to the unknown.

You often get excellent feedback from customers. What is the secret of your success?

[Oliver] We are happy about every single positive feedback for Blue O Two. We think, the most important points for this feedback are:

We are not only CD’s and dive guides, we see ourselves as hosts and offer our guests a 24/7 service in a friendly and familiar atmosphere, with a smile in our face and nothing is too much trouble. We always have a good and happy mood. We are just natural with guests, but the most important point is…

What we do is not a job !! It is a passion for us !!

*Customer quotes are from: David Stone, Lars Reichenbach, Peter Newman

Oliver and Carmen

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