On the road to sustainability – The Reef-World/Green Fins seminar at DEMA

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7 November, 2019 146 Views

Next week at the largest dive show in the US called DEMA, the Reef-World Foundation will present two interactive workshop seminars on 14 and 15 November. In these seminars, operators who have adopted sustainable practices will share insights into how to become more ‘green’. As it fits right in with our own company’s environmental pledge and efforts to become more sustainable, we are happy to be a sponsor of both seminars.
At the same time, we will use this platform to encourage more people as well as businesses to follow in our footsteps. We continue to encourage all companies across the industry; from dive travel, to dive operations, to dive kit manufactures and training agencies, to think about finding more ‘green’ alternatives within their own field of operation.
As a company, we are determined to go the extra mile to reduce our footprint on the earth. Reducing single-use plastics, investing in on-board water makers, and purchasing biodegradable cleaning materials to clean our boats, are only a few examples of the measures already taken across our fleet towards becoming greener.

Water filter installed on board


The Reef-World Foundation

This UK registered charity is the international coordinator of Green Fins, of which we are a proud partner. Green Fins aims to protect and conserve coral reefs through environmentally friendly guidelines, in turn promoting a sustainable diving and snorkeling industry. It’s a proven conservation management approach which leads to a measurable reduction in negative environmental impacts associated with diving and snorkeling, such as anchoring. Already active in 11 countries around the world, Green Fins empowers dive & snorkel operators to implement practical, low-cost alternatives, as well as giving them strategic support and resources.

As a diver, what can you do to help? Whether you’re on a liveaboard or in a dive resort, bring used batteries and plastics (empty shampoo bottles etc.) back home with you so they can be properly recycled. Whilst diving, make sure you don’t damage the coral and take extra care when taking pictures. Try to participate in clean-up dives and bring along your own (sports) water bottle on holiday to avoid using plastic bottles. If you buy diving gear, it’s worth doing some research to dive equipment companies who use sustainable materials and means to manufacture their products.

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