Palau – Recent Sightings

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11 April, 2019 1188 Views

Palau – Recent sightings


We have had another great week of diving in Palau. Our recent sightings have included loads of sharks, schools of snappers, jacks and barracudas as a huge sailfin snapper aggregation. The diverse ecosystem of the Rock Island makes diving in Palau truly outstanding. See below for the full breakdown of last weeks sightings


school of fish



This expansive coral garden boasts large hard corals of every variety. Spotted sweet-lips and a large school of big eye soldier fish shelter under broad table corals, while schools of yellow fin barracuda patrol the reef.

• Diving: Reef dive
• Current: None
• Sightings: Sharks, schooling barracuda and trevally, nudibranch, nurse sharks, whitetip reef sharks and bumphead parrotfish.


Ulong Channel

This exhilarating drift dive has it all; hard & soft coral encrusted walls, schools of sharks and other pelagic action, a beautiful stand of lettuce coral as you drift through the channel, giant clams and plenty of grouper just to name a few.

• Diving: Drift and reef diving
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Sharks, baby sharks, coral, giant clams, eagle ray, baby grey reef sharks and lots of beautiful corals.


Shark City

This fantastic dive site is a great place to spot sharks: grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, white tip sharks and silver tip sharks. Its vertical walls and slopes make it a great exploration dive and one in which divers should also be able to spot a large variety of marine life such as moorish idols, Napoleon wrasse, fusiliers, snappers, barracudas, parrotfish, and spotted eagle rays.

• Diving: Drift and reef diving
• Current: Medium
• Sightings: Turtles, schooling barracudas, snappers and jacks.


Blue Corner

The most famous dive site in Palau has steep sheer walls and an abundance of fish life. Strong currents bring plenty of blacktip, whitetip and grey reef sharks, schools of jacks and huge Napoleon wrasse. Turtles and colourful reef fish are seen also in the coral gardens.

• Diving: Drift dives
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Sharks, schools of snapper, jacks, barracudas and Napoleon wrasse.

Palau Siren and the Rock Island


Yellow Wall

Named after the golden yellow tube corals that cover the wall along this area of the reef.Deep canyons, crevices and caves cut into the wall offering hideouts and shelter to a large variety of marine life. It is famous for large pelagic fish action such as grey reef sharks, white tip sharks, barracudas and jacks.

• Diving: Drift dives
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Huge sailfin snapper aggregation.

Customer Feedback

• “A very spacious and comfortable boat. All the dive crew were excellent – very knowledgeable and helpful.
The food and food service was fantastic. Thank you to all. ” samuel Baxter
• “Everyone was beyond friendly and accommodating. I felt attended to whenever necessary and everyone went above and beyond to ensure we had an amazing experience. The entire experience on board was phenomenal. I would love to join any future cruise and am looking forward to booking for Raja Ampat in the near future!” Kathryn Reagan
• “Crew was exceptionally capable and service minded. All meals were tasteful and diversity enormous.” Ageeth Hendriks


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