Recent sightings – Thailand

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28 October, 2019 148 Views

Recent sightings – Thailand


We had a great first trip to the Similan & Surin Islands for this season on board S/Y The Junk last week. Our guests managed to spot some incredible marine life, with whitetip reef sharks seen on almost every dive. Find out what else they saw below:



Torinla Pinnacle:
This submerged large granite pinnacle which lies east of Ko Torinla Island, where the top
of the pinnacle is home to a variety of marine life.

• Bumphead parrotfish
• Jenkins’ whiprays
• Pichachu nudibranchs
• Green sea turtles
• Nurse sharks
• Hawksbill turtles
• Whitetip reef sharks

Richelieu Rock:
Located 10km east of the Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock consists is one of the best dive sites of Thailand.
This incredible dive site consists of several groups of rocks, pinnacles, overhangs and small caves.

• Bentstick pipefish
• Pharaoh cuttlefish
• Ribbon eels
• Tiger cowries
• Trevallies
• Long nosed emperor fish
• Glassfish
• Eagle rays
• Tiger tail seahorses
• Jenkins’ whiprays


North Point:
Situated northeast of the Similan Islands, it is a dive site that is made up of submerged
rocks that create a plethora of holes and swim-throughs.

• Whitetip reef sharks
• Porcupine rays
• Banded sea snakes
• Blue-ringed octopuses
• Giant trevallies
• Hawksbill turtles
• Bicolour parrotfish

Christmas Point:
Christmas point is another Similans dive site where giant boulder formations create impressive
underwater scenes, with plenty of swim-throughs to explore.

• Whitetip reef sharks
• Blackfin Barracudas
• Batfish
• Spanish mackerel
• Blacktip reef sharks

West of Eden:
This dive site lies just west of the Similan Islands, equipped with many canyons and boulders
that are home to a variety of marine life.

• Green sea turtles
• Whitetip reef sharks
• Banded sea snakes
• Lisa’s mantis shrimps
• Common octopuses
• Dogtooth tunas

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