Red Sea – recent sightings

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3 April, 2019 986 Views

Red Sea – Recent sightings


We have had another great week of diving in the Red Sea. Our recent sightings have included whitetip, silky and thresher sharks, alongside barracudas and nudibranchs. The diverse ecosystem of the Red Sea makes diving in the Red Sea truly outstanding. See below for the full breakdown of last weeks sightings




Sha’ab el erg

A horseshoe reef located North of Hurghada. A dive site only really accessible by liveaboards, Sha’ab el erg is popular with pods of dolphins.

• Diving: Reef
• Current: None
• Sightings: Dolphins, nudibranch, stone fish, octopus, feather star, cuttlefish, squid, stingray and eel.

Oceanic white tip shark


Big and Small Brothers

The northernmost part of Egypt’s offshore marine park is made up of two islands 60 km away from the coast and 140 km south from Hurghada. Big Brother, the larger island (complete with a lighthouse from 1883) is 400 m long with a spectacular plateau on the south east corner which is dotted with coral mountains and famous for thresher and grey reef shark sightings. The western side of the island has two impressive wrecks which both lie almost vertical on the side of the reef.

• Diving: Reef and wreck diving
• Current: Mild
• Sightings: Grey reef sharks, small white tip reef shark, massive tunas, oceanic white tip sharks, thresher shark, massive Napoleon wrasse, oceanic white tip and pipefish.



This huge tear-drop shaped reef rises from the sea bed in the middle of the Red Sea, 80km offshore and more than 300km south of Hurghada. Easily recognised by its zebra-striped lighthouse, this reef offers some of the most amazing dives in the Red Sea. The sheer walls are covered in over-grown hard coral formations and a variety of reef fish.

• Diving: Reef dives
• Current: Medium
• Sightings: Mantas, hammerhead shark, grey reef sharks, thresher sharks, silky sharks, family of Napoleon wrasses, big school of jacks, barracudas and mackerels.



A Red Sea legend; a finger shaped reef, with north and south plateaus covered in hard and soft corals, unpredictable and exciting this truly is an awesome reef where hammerhead sharks are regularly spotted in the summer and oceanic whitetip sharks often congregate in large numbers during late autumn.

• Diving: Reef dives
• Current: None
• Sightings: Turtles, Napoleon wrasses, octopus, big school of sleek unicorn fish, hunting giant trevallies, longnose hawkfish, tiny whip coral partner shrimps and scorpionfish.


Marsa Shouna

This big reef, teaming with marine life  is famous for seagrass, feather-tail, grey and thorny rays that you can regularly admire by the menagerie of various eels, and even sharks.

• Diving: Reef dives
• Current: None
• Sightings: Lionfish, scorpionfish, headshield slugs, turtles, lots of blue spotted stingrays, big school of feeding mackerels and pipefish.

Customer Feedback

• “Great week diving with excellent cabin crew and dive guides.” Mark Wood
• “Top crew…..all did a wonderful job” Anonymous
• “Your whole crew were great and made all the difference, fantastic Shark input by guide Elka, very impressed.” Zafar Ali


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