Red Sea Egypt – Favourite Dive Sites

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11 March, 2020 462 Views

Red Sea Egypt – Favourite Dive Sites

Red Sea Coral Reef

As Cruise Director aboard M/Y Blue Horizon in the Red Sea, I have been very lucky to experience many breath-taking dives. It is therefore hard to pick a favourite dive site, because there are so many fabulous places. Each has its own attraction, depending on the season. Although, I can say that my favourite dive site in the Red Sea, in the right season, is Daedalus. The coral reef quality all around is just phenomenal.

All around Daedalus, you will find colourful overgrown walls. There are beautiful soft corals, but the walls are covered mainly with hard corals, dropping down from right below the surface to a depth of hundreds of meters, way beyond recreational diving limits.

Red Sea Egypt Daedalus

Most of the time we have a north current, at times coming at an angle, slightly NE or NW. It’s nice to find and jump in the current split and see what surprises are waiting there.

The currents here are not crazy strong but are still enough to bring in fresh nutrients and with it, big fish. In the north, there is a small shelf extending outwards of the wall where the current flows around in a manner that attracts all sorts of fish life. As a result, we can usually meet schools of barracudas and hammerheads hanging around at the right time of the year. The best water temperature to meet the hammerheads has continuously been between 26°-28°.

From the north to the east side, the drop off forms three big bays, all full of life. The hammerheads play around in the current, whirling around the bays having fun. To find them, we dive out in the blue, as far as the viz lets us go without losing sight of the reef. I absolutely love to dive in the blue; the feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of meters of open ocean is simply wonderful and full of surprises.

On the west side there are some special features. Northwest, you can find a patch of wall which we call “Anemone City”.  From about 3m to 12m this section is full of anemones, with lots of anemone fish dancing around.

Egypt Red Sea

Southwest, there is one colony of a single coral species, which built a massive and very impressive formation, reaching from about 17m all the way to 3m with a diameter of about 8m. You can’t miss it, it is enormous!

In the south there is a very narrow but long plateau where we safely moor our boat, as normally there is a north wind blowing. The wall in the south drops from right below the surface to about 22m, then the plateau gently slopes down to about 35m. Here there is a sheer drop off into very deep water. On the west edge of the south plateau there is a big coral block, where you will find lots of cleaner fish.

M/Y Blue Horizon Red Sea

We often see giant barracudas, thresher sharks or big napoleon wrasses around this area. They are very tame, and some come up real close to have a better look at the divers with their funny, colourful, rotating eyes.


Also, in the many soft corals which grow on the south plateau in abundance, there are lots of smaller creatures to find for those who enjoy searching for them including shrimps, nudibranchs, torpedo rays, pipefish, scorpionfish and many more.

Hammerhead Sharks

If you would like to experience the magic of diving in the Red Sea, Egypt, why not check out our website?  You’ll find lots of information on itineraries and how to book with us.

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