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31 October, 2019 292 Views

By our Dive Leaders: Laura and Tristan

As we roll into the Raja Ampat season here on S/Y Indo Siren, we are looking forward to the amazing macro life, stunning coral, and magical manta encounters. However, it was hard to say goodbye to Komodo. Thrilling currents brought tons of life to dive sites such as Crystal Rock and Castle Rock where grey, blacktip, and whitetip reef sharks play among the swirling shoals of fusiliers and trevallies.


We have had fantastic manta action at Tondok Rusa, Shotgun, and Makassar Reef where dozens of reef mantas soared, dived, and performed barrel rolls around us. The Photography workshop with Fisheye Expeditions made for a fantastic end to the season. The group managed to shoot some amazing pictures and one guest even put together a video that we watched over and over again.

Two weeks ago, we set sail for the 14-nights transit trip from Flores to Raja Ampat with a lovely group from Germany. The diving was truly mind-blowing. Alor was magic with four thresher sharks and a mola mola at Anemone City. Mucky Mosque in the Pantar Strait brought us a brilliant encounter with a paddle-flap and weedy rhinopias. We were incredibly lucky with scalloped hammerhead sharks on no less than 13 dives! In Serua & Manoek, they showed up by the dozen, literally ‘out of the blue’.


We seized the opportunity to go ashore in Banda Naira and learn about the local history and culture and also enjoyed local delicacies such as nutmeg jam and cinnamon tea at a nutmeg plantation. Finishing the trip in Raja Ampat, the guests were astounded by the colour and richness of the corals on Magic Mountain, Boo Windows, and Nudi Rock. As Indonesia is never short of surprises, we spotted a zebra shark in Magic Mountain; a first for one of our dive guides Ghee.

As we have arrived safe and sound back in Raja Ampat, we’re anxiously awaiting the start of the season with two photography charters with Alex Mustard Photography. We have one guest on board who has been with us since the last trip in Komodo; that’s three trips in a row! We understand this guest completely; you can never get enough of diving in Indonesia.

Happy bubbles to all and we look forward to welcoming you aboard S/Y Indo Siren soon.


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Manta: © Daniel Norwood