Safety at Sea: The Blue O Two Liveaboard Fleet’s Fire Safety Protocols

20 June, 2023 4478 Views

Whilst diving is our business, safety comes above all other aspects of a liveaboard trip with Blue O Two.

From day one, drawing on our military roots, our safety protocols have been and remain second to none.

Our Red Sea fleet have state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression safety systems on board. Regular fire safety training for our staff and robust procedures and protocols mean our guests can be sure of the highest safety standards. The Blue O Two fleet has an impeccable safety record. Protocols include:



  • Before every single trip, a thorough photo-documented safety check takes place.
    • This is conducted by our Destination Management team and overseen by our experienced Destination Manager.
    • These checks include fire detection, suppression and safety. The crew also performs a live drill with both portable fire pumps & through desk pump and hose systems.
  • On the first morning of each trip, the Cruise Director and Guides conduct a full Muster Drill.
    • This gives all passengers on board the boat a chance to locate their life jackets and gather in the designated meeting point on the boat.
    • All guests are shown how to locate and operate the emergency exits.
    • The muster is signed by all passengers to validate that they have participated in this and understand the emergency protocols.
  • Each vessel also has an electronically recorded fire watch safety system.
    • This means the designated crew member patrols the boat and visits specific locations, including the engine room, every 30 minutes.
    • They are required to tap a token which then records the time of the visit electronically – to ensure that the watch is being carried out efficiently.
  • Each of our Red Sea vessels has a central fire detection system.
    • Vessels have European purchased stand-alone smoke detectors in every cabin, crew quarters, wheelhouse, DG cabin & public areas.
    • Smoke detectors are located in every single room and all public areas on the boat.
    • Smoke detectors are connected to a central panel in the captain’s cabin, which shows where a fire may be in the event of smoke being detected.
    • Each cabin is also equipped with a 1kg powder fire extinguisher.
    • All public areas around the boat have a mixture of extinguisher types and sizes, depending on the location and potential cause of a fire.
    • A back up integrated fire detection system is also in place. If one smoke detector triggers, it then sets off the rest. This system is installed in public areas – guest corridor, salon / dining room and Sky Lounge.
    • Stand alone heat detectors are installed in engine rooms, galleys & pantry.
  • The main electric panel has a separate CO2 system that is checked & documented on every turnaround.
    • Along with the automated CO2 system in engine rooms, there are a further 6 x Bavaria fire pods.
    • The main electric panel & pump room panel also have back up Elide Fire Balls installed (automatic fire suppression).
  • Charging personal devices is directed carefully and monitored.
    • The boat safety video briefing clearly explains charging should not happen in cabins when they are not occupied.
    • This guidance is reinforced during the muster drill.
    • During the morning cabin inspection, the salon team unplugs anything which may have been accidentally left charging by guests in their cabins. They report this to guides, who then inform guests.
  • An external contractor inspects, services, maintains & certifies the fire systems on a monthly basis.

Dee Viruet travelled on Blue Melody in June 2023. She posted the following on Google Reviews. This was my first time on a liveaboard and I did not know what to expect. I sailed with Blue O Two’s M/Y Melody and they did not disappoint! The crew was amazing; they were so helpful and welcoming. They were professional and knowledgeable; I felt safe the entire trip. If you’re looking for an amazing liveaboard experience with highly trained professionals, I highly recommend Blue O Two’s fleet. I will be sailing with them again in the near future!”

The safety of our guests and crew is the highest priority. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about any aspect of safety on board the Blue O Two fleet of vessels. It really is our highest priority.

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