Save 20% While Helping Protecting our Oceans

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24 February, 2021 694 Views

Save 20% while helping protecting our oceans.  As SCUBA divers, We understand the negative impact human behaviour can have upon our oceans.  Many of us have witnessed these distressing effects first-hand but have you stopped to consider just how much our own everyday choices and actions are contributing to this?

The oceans that we love thrive on a delicately balanced biodiverse web that suffers greatly when exposed to chemicals and pollutants.  The result is devastating with the fall-out reaching far beyond our seas and rivers.

Many of the products we use every day to ensure the health and wellbeing of our bodies contain ingredients that pose a very real risk to the health of our oceans, as well as being packaged in single-use plastics that end up littering the seas.

In order to make an active stand against this, we are asking you to be proactive about your self-care choices.

Sakrid is a self-care brand founded by SCUBA divers who share our passion for protecting the reefs.  After years of research and investigation into ingredients, they have developed a range of products that are made from 100% organic, plant-based ingredients that don’t compromise upon performance but that significantly reduce the risk of causing harm both to your body and the environment.

They also actively promote the use of PCR (Post Consumer Resin) as the packaging material of choice.  Not only is PCR a recyclable material itself, it’s also made from recycled plastics taken directly from the existing supply chain. This reduces the overall quantity of virgin plastic in circulation globally at any one time, meaning less plastic floating around and causing damage in our waters.

Get 20% off your first purchase via by using the code: DIVER at the checkout.

5 things you can do to help today!

  1. Choose natural self-care products like Sakrid, that are made from organic, plant-based ingredients. Remember to use our exclusive discount code to get 20% off: DIVER
  2. Choose Spit to defog! Avoid using synthetic-chemical ridden mask de-fogging spray. The chemicals within these are extremely damaging to reefs and aquatic wildlife.
  3. Avoid using sunscreen before entering the water for a dive or choose reef safe options. Synthetic SPF ingredients pose a health risk to you and the reefs, with suggestions that they are linked to coral bleaching.
  4. Choose products that are bottled in PCR (Post Consumer Resin) sourced containers. This will proactively encourage manufacturers to opt for this material and reduce the amount of plastic in circulation across the planet.
  5. Buy less to do more! Multi-use your products.  Just because it is labelled a shampoo, doesn’t mean it won’t double up as a body wash!  Sakrid actively promote multi-using their products and have a list of recommendations they make on their website:


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