How can scuba diving help to manage stress and encourage mindfulness?

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25 January, 2021 807 Views

Are you struggling to keep your head above water, with the pressures of modern-day life living in a global pandemic?  Diving can help you to relax your mind, release stress and experience a freedom that we are all longing for.

We hear more and more in the news about people struggling with mental health; it is becoming increasingly harder to manage stress.  We are all living in an ever-changing, fast-paced world, with every day pressures telling us we should be happier, healthier and richer.

With the influence of social media and an environment which is always switched on, we find it more difficult to switch off.  It is no surprise that we are looking for ways to escape these pressures and be mindful.  There is a desire in people to find a freedom that our everyday lives do not allow us to have.


Relax and Breathe

Although scuba diving is seen by many as an extreme sport, one which involves adventure, thrills and sometimes danger, it is also a good way to practice mindfulness and meditation.  When we dive, we focus on our breathing and our movements.  We are transported into a world of wonder and amazement which must be enjoyed there and then.  The effects of deep breathing, with controlled movements and visible wonders around us force us to become more relaxed and switch off.  Our minds are less likely to wander off course and we forget about our busy schedules, even if only for the dive.

Improving your Diving Skills

When we are more relaxed, breathing deeply and in a more regulated way with conscious movements, we can become better divers.  As we breathe deeply we expel more carbon dioxide from our lungs which helps us regulate our buoyancy and makes better use of our air supply. We can therefore stay under water for longer periods of time, making our enjoyment so much more memorable.

Diving Experience with a Difference

When you choose to sail on any of our Siren vessels, you can always enhance your liveaboard experience with one of the luxury treatments on offer, with our onboard massage therapist to make you feel much more relaxed and stress free.

Whilst many of us are unable to go diving at the moment, it is good for us to remind ourselves of the techniques used in diving which make the experience positive for our health.  These techniques include focusing on your breath, living in the moment and looking after yourself.


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