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27 April, 2021 1645 Views

Are you inspired to get a Scuba tattoo?

Do you have a special scuba tattoo that makes you smile? We were totally blown away by a recent guest.  He loved his trip on the Palau Siren so much that he got his Palau passport stamp tattooed onto his arm. 

This made us think… How many of our staff and customers have been inspired by the deep blue so much so that they have tattooed themselves?  And what does their tattoo mean? Would you share your tattoo?

The love of Scuba diving helps us to open our hearts and minds to the world around us. It allows us to witness some of the wonders of the world which others may not get the opportunity to witness. Such as life under the ocean, the marine life within it, wrecks waiting to be explored, life on a liveaboard, and the people who we meet.

Lockdown has given us time to reminisce on those people, places, experiences, and the memories that have brought us happiness. Some people chose to have the things that are important to them tattooed onto their bodies. Acting as a reminder of all the things we love.

We all know that Scuba diving is a passion and once you are hooked, you will never forget that feeling. Your tattoo is not only a visual design on your body, but it also represents who you are and reminds us of the things that are important to us. 

It is no surprise that so many of us have chosen tattoos that are Scuba diving themed. And there is certainly no lack of creativity when it comes to some of the tattoos that we wanted to share with you here.

With the help of our customers, staff, and crew members, here are a few nautical-themed tattoos for you. You never know you might even find yourself being inspired to get one yourself.

Keep scrolling to see why we were so impressed.

Sea Horse

Sea Horse Tattoo


Manta Tattoo

Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver Tattoo

Caribbean Palm Tree

Palm Tree Tattoo

Tubbataha Co-ordinates

Tattoo arm


Tattoo arm

Palau Passport Stamp

Palau Passport Stamp Tattoo

Shark Inspired World Map with Compass

World Tattoo

A Big Fish

Big Fish Tattoo

Special thanks to everyone who shared their Scuba diving-themed tattoos with us. Credit goes to Kerry Allen, Melanie Hicks, Micaela Laboureau, Ashley Sutherland, Nick Jones, Fabricio Reis @cfabreis, Badi Ellis @bmetattoos, The tattoo shop Imperial Ink in Florence @imperialinkflorencesc, and finally Josh @joeut1722 for initially inspiring us with your awesome Palau passport stamp tattoo.

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