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14 December, 2020 4055 Views

Name: James Evans
Job title: Sales Manager
Itinerary: Simply the best
Destination: Egypt

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Our Simply the Best itinerary takes us on a magical journey to Egypt. It is a favourite for many of our staff, with world-famous marine parks, spectacular drop-offs and the chance to see some big underwater animals. What’s not to love?! Here’s why our Sales Manager, James Evans, loves this itinerary so much.

‘Exploring offshore dive sites is a must for any diver and the offshore sites of Daedalus and the Brothers Islands in the Red Sea are up there with the best in the world.

Descending into the clear blue waters of Daedalus, walls of soft coral and anemones provide a colourful backdrop to schools of hammerheads and if you are lucky, oceanic mantas, huge whale sharks and large numbers of other pelagic species.

On to the Brothers Islands, two pinnacles that reach from the ocean floor to break the surface are decorated in hard and soft corals of every colour. Oceanic white tip sharks patrol these islands alongside reef sharks, hammerheads and pelagic thresher sharks. As your eyes adjust to the dive site, two incredible wrecks sit almost vertical against the reef wall, encrusted in coral and full of fish. Every time you sink beneath the surface on this itinerary, you will be blown away by what the Red Sea has to offer.’

James Evans, Sales Manager

Red Sea Simply the best
Hammerhead sharks Red Sea Egypt

“An excellent trip. Great crew and service. Couldn’t fault the accommodation and food was five stars. I would highly recommend a trip with these guys when everything’s back to normal.”

Laura, Trip Advisor

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Simply the Best.

“I love the educational aspect of this trip and the chance to dive with sharks.” Simply the Best, Egypt

Cherie Kilvington
Sales Representative
Blue O Two

“Drop-offs, strong currents, sharks and the deep blue water when looking out into the deep.” Simply the Best, Egypt

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“I wanted schooling Hammers and Oceanic White Tips. I got both by the bucketful which made for a very exciting trip.” Simply the Best, Egypt

Mik Jennings
Operations Director

“Simply the best the Red Sea has to offer.” Simply the Best, Egypt

Frederique Morisod
Destination Management Coordinator

Red Sea Egypt Daedalus

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Simply the Best itinerary

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