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18 May, 2021 4238 Views

Name: Cherie Kilvington
Job title: Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two
Itinerary: Socorro Giant Mantas
Destination: Mexico

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You can see giant mantas in many places around the world. But nowhere else has a population that literally seeks out interaction with divers and snorkellers.  

While mantas are the main reason to voyage out to Socorro, there are lots of other animals to see. Schooling hammerheads and silky sharks abound.  Ten other species of sharks are common.  Bottlenose dolphins consistently hang out with divers, large schools of pelagic fish, and, in season, humpback whales are another highlight.  

With so much to see it is no wonder, our Senior Dive Travel Consultant has picked this itinerary as her favorite. 

Where is Socorro? 

Socorro Island is a one-day sail south of Cabo San Lucas, located at the southern end of Baja Mexico. Experience diving with big animals at the cleaning stations of San Benedicto, Socorro, and Roca Partida. 

What can you expect? 

Your trip will commence with a warm welcome from the staff at the Sea Creature Dive Center at the Tesoro Cabos. The Nautilus staff will be on hand, sharing their wealth of experience with local dive sites. 

Not only will you swim with the friendliest giant mantas in the world, but you can also enjoy the best Mexican Taco Fiesta, cocktail hour, and insightful presentations on these amazing creatures.  

Hear what Cherie has to say…

Mexico has always been at the top of my bucket list. Now we are offering it again, it is definitely one I’ll be booking up for when I can. 

Its the large animals that make it so exciting to me.  The sharks for starters – schooling scalloped hammerheads, solitary giant hammerheads, whitetip reef, silver-tip, silky, tiger and oceanic whitetipswhale sharksdusky sharks, and on occasion even a thresher shark! 

just love the idea of escaping to Socorro, a remote island with a sense of wilderness and unpredictable climates. I would also really like to experience the Mexican culture, meet the people, taste the food and soak up the surroundings. And to top it off, the crew all seem really lovely. To hear stories of the captain showing the engine room and Dive Guides having a real passion for what they do inspires me.” 

Cherie Kilvington, Dive Travel Consultant, Blue O Two


See what others have said…

With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Mexico.

“It sounds enchanting swimming with Giant Mantas.” Socorro Giant Manats

Brady Johnson
Website Manager
Blue O Two

“It looks like a first-class trip.” Socorro Giant Mantas Mexico

Michelle Allen
Product Development
Blue O Two

“Giant Mantas and bottle-nose dolphins have to be at the top of your bucket list. ” Socorro Giant Mantas Mexico

Jason Strickland
Blue O Two

“It’s not just the diving but everything else that comes with it, like the remote glamping.” Socorro Giant Mantas Mexico

Natalie Newton
Marketing Consultant
Blue O Two


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