The Reef-World Foundation & Green Fins – How you can help

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Responsible tourism

5 March, 2020 955 Views

As part of our cooperation with The Reef-World Foundation, we are implementing the Green Fins code of conduct across our worldwide fleet of 15 boats. This code of conduct focuses on how to dive in a sustainable way as well as how to sustainably run a dive operation. There are specific guidelines, not only for us as a liveaboard operator but also for our guests; divers and snorkelers to dive/snorkel in a sustainable way. Take a look at the Green Fins graphic below.


Other than adhering to these dive/snorkel guidelines, here are a few more suggestions you can do to help conserve the ocean:

  • Support marine NGOs like our partner The Reef-World, or one of the many initiatives around the world that strive for healthy oceans. When you dive in marine parks, you pay marine park fees, which allow the Marine Park Authorities to protect their area.
  • Reduce your own impact on the ocean and replace your sunscreen and toiletries for reef-friendly ones. Try to involve other divers to follow your example and by doing so create awareness.
  • Interacting respectfully with marine wildlife is one of the key elements of Green Fins; take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but bubbles.
  • Participate in an ocean or beach clean-up event near you.
  • Refuse to use straws or other single-use plastic items.

Remember, every little step is an important step on the way to sustainability. If you have more ideas on how to help, feel free to share these with us.

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