The Shark Mix of Palau

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30 July, 2019 377 Views

As the celebrations for Shark Week continue, we want to take this time to highlight some of the shark species you may encounter around the world. We are kicking off the week with Palau. A country which spans across 458.4 km² and is home to a population of 21,729. This breathtaking island nation is famous for its unparallel diving, relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural scenery.

The first country in the world, who’s waters host a shark sanctuary, Palau is home to a biological hotspot to protect great hammerheads, leopard sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks and more than 130 other species fighting extinction in the Pacific Ocean. Declared a shark sanctuary in 2009, the protected ocean area is substantial, encompassing about 600,000 sq. km (230,000 sq. miles) of Palauan waters and measures about the size of France. The results of the fishing ban are impressive, Palau now has a very healthy shark population.


Diving in Palau provides a variety of experiences, from WWII wrecks to world-famous reefs. Blue Corner is a dive site you won’t forget in a hurry. Action-packed, you are likely to spot up to 13 different shark species here. With strong currents aplenty, we recommend this destination for experienced divers.

Some of the more likely sightings in Palau include grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks and leopard sharks. As the name suggests, grey reef sharks live on coral reefs. Due to their small size (around 2 meters), grey reef sharks are very agile and fast-swimmers, which makes them great hunters. Whitetip reef sharks are also not be very large in size, normally not more than 2 meters. However, they’re curious and they team up to hunt in groups to increase the chance of catching larger prey. Leopard sharks are the smallest and least intimidating of the sharks found in Palau. They measure around 1.5 meters long and weigh less than 15 kilograms on average. They prefer to hang out at very shallow depths, mostly around 0.5 meter. Chances of seeing these sharks are very good for divers and snorkelers alike.


With many of the best dive-sites located a boat ride from the islands, there is no better way to ensure you fulfil your Palau experience than by liveaboard. S/Y Palau Siren was built on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and is handcrafted from ironwood and teak (traditional to the area). Built by divers for divers this 16 guest vessel you can be rest assured that every need has been thought of.

Hop on board S/Y Palau Siren and find out all that Palau has to offer. Here’s a sneak peek:

Diving with Sharks in Palau