Tigers, Pigs & Blue Holes in the Bahamas

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25 May, 2022 1291 Views

Mark Shandur, Director of Master Liveaboards, recently visited the Bahamas. He loved the diving and made the most of his visit. He even found time to hang out with some of the locals. He shared some of his thoughts with us about his trip.

Swimming with Bahamas pigs

What was the best thing about the Bahamas?

Diving with the big sharks.

You went to see the pigs. What went through your mind when you saw them? How did it feel to be in the water with them?

Firstly how amazing it is to have this population of feral pigs left over from the days pirates used to drop off livestock on islands and come back and eat them after a hard day’s pillaging. Second was how the big males chasing you down for food were far scarier than the big sharks we were seeing during the diving. It was actually fine but they are big and they want the food they are used to the boats bringing them!

Tell us about the diving.

Some of the best diving I’ve done. The big sharks were amazing but the reefs also all seemed really healthy and the wrecks were great as well. The blue hole dives were really interesting as well but we obviously didn’t go deep in as not trained to do so but glimpsing into deep dark holes and side passages was fascinating.

Scuba diving with tiger sharks

What Bahamas trip would you recommend and why?

Any of the trips that involves Tiger sharks (so that is all itineraries and they are there from Sept – June). They are just amazing to see up close.

Tell us about the boat and the crew.

The boat is looking great. Ashley and the crew did an amazing job during covid bringing it up to standard. Many of the guests who were on our trip said that it was like night and day compared to when they had been with us pre covid or when it was the Yamaya. Crew are fantastic and work really well as a team. The food was some of the best I’ve had on any of our liveaboards.

Was there anything you found challenging?

Not staying on board for another trip when I found out someone had cancelled and there was a free space 🙂 The “hot drops” and “hot pick ups” were a bit of a challenge when the weather was rough but once you’d done it once or twice then it was OK.

Tiger shark in the bahamas
Scuba diving Liveaboard boat
Diving with sharks in the bahamas
Relaxing on deck after a day of scuba diving in the bahamas
Diving with rays in the Bahamas
Diving with hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas

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Man with Bahamas pig

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