Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

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22 March, 2021 3891 Views
Otmar S

Name: Otmar Schmitz
Job title: European Dive Consultant
Itinerary: Triton Bay & Raja Ampat – Indonesia (12 nights)
Destination: Indonesia

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Travelling to this far corner of the world is well worth it and one that will never disappoint.

The incredible biodiversity that is found around all of the islands of this Indonesian archipelago has been talked of for many years. With over 530 different coral and well over 1,000 species inhabiting these waters, there is something to captivate even the most seasoned diver. 

This itinerary will take you to a tropical getaway that is just south of the equator, hidden in an archipelago of uninhabited islands. With pristine ecosystems, powder white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, cockatoos, parrots, baby sharks, and turtles you will feel like you have escaped into a different world. 

You will experience life on the Indo Siren, handcrafted from ironwood and teak, traditional to the area. She has a spacious and comfortable dive deck and a covered outdoor dining areaYou can also enjoy her air-conditioned saloon, with a fully stocked cocktail bar and 42 inch TV. 

You will be taken to world-famous dive sites in Raja Ampat (meaning Four Kings). You’ll also visit Misool as well as dive sites around Arafura, Ceram Seas, and Triton Bay. Here you will see first-hand the amazing marine biodiversity in Raja AmpatSanggala Bay, and colourful soft corals in Triton Bay. 

To add to all of that you will experience shark encounters, grey and blacktip reef sharks, as well as the Raja Ampat signature, the Wobbegong. You never know you may even be lucky enough to see sharks and manta rays! 

With so much to offer, this itinerary offers so much to all levels of diver. 

My favourite dive spots are in Indonesia. Having been on several boats, Indo Siren is my first choice, because the destinations they offer are fascinating! Both Komodo and Raja Ampat have dive sites that you barely can find anywhere else.  This, combined with an excellent ship and perfect service, is the best prerequisite for the fulfilment of divers’ dreams. 
Komodo delights me with its drift dives, especially Shotgun and Batu Balong. The boat crew seem to have magical powers, as the Zodiacs are right where you come up after your dive. So it is a real pleasure to be drifted by the current and watch the spectacle go by. 
Raja Ampat offers the most colourful underwater world you can imagine. And that combined with gigantic shoals of fish, the encounters are simply breath-taking! 
Not to forget the virgin dive sites in Halmahera and Alor, where Indo Siren comes along when they change between the two areas. No words can explain what you will see during those trips. 
But… there are even more dive sites to conquer! First of all Galapagos, you have to see that once in your diving career! Or the Philippines, which are also at the top of my bucket list. So there is still enough to experience as soon as the show can continue. 

Otmar Schmitz, European Dive Travel Consultant


From beginning to end, each dive briefing, each meal, each and every interaction with the crew and the awesome diving, the level of professionalism was top notch! Shout-out to Ann and the ENTIRE crew from the Indo Siren.” 

Shawn B – Trip Advisor

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With such a popular itinerary, here are more comments from our staff who love Indonesia

“It offers variety in underwater landscapes and type of diving as well as a large amount of different animal encounters.” Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Frederique Morisod
Destination Management Coordinator
Master Liveaboards

“Loads of very cool macros but you get some big action too.” Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Kerry Allen
Reservations Team Leader
Master Liveaboards

“Raja Ampat offers the most colourful underwater world you can imagine. ” Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Otmar Schmitz
European Dive Travel Consultant
Master Liveaboards

“I think this itinerary would be good for your soul as it is so beautiful”. Triton Bay & Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Claire Moorcraft
Marketing Executive
Blue O Two


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